Sit-ins still continue in Sindh despite recovery of hostages

Even after the recovery of three hostages including Mukhi Jagdish Kumar, Jaideep, and Dr Muneer Naich, the sit-in continued throughout Sindh, including Kashmore for the recovery of Priya Kumari, Sagar Kumar and other hostages.
September 10, 2023 | 08:00

The shutter-down also continued on the fifth day in Kandhkot city and Kashmore, and demonstrations were held in Nawabshah, NaushaharoFeroze, Sakrand at the National Highway Nooriabad, Qazi Ahmad, and other cities for the Sindh for the recovery of the hostages amid sit-ins in Badin, Gharo, Baho Khoso, Bakhshapur, Badani, Thulh, Badah, Panoaqil, Khairpur, Kandyaro, Halla, Sehwan, Matyari, Keti Bandar, Larkana, Malkani Sharif and in other cities.

Due to sit-ins at National Highways, the traffic remained suspended for the fifth day, causing a loss of millions to goods transporters. Protesters demanded an Army operation to clean bandits from the Katcha area.

Former provincial minister Shabbir Bajarani said that Sagar Kumar will be recovered soon as steps are being taken for the release of other hostages.

The Civil Society on the call of the Hindu Panjaat continued their protests and vowed not to dissociate themselves from the ongoing sit-ins till the recovery of all hostages.

Tarah Nguyen
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