The 5 Amazing Destinations To Explore For A Spring Trip In Vietnam

Spring is said to be the time when these destinations are at their most beautiful and gorgeous moments, and attract many travelers coming to explore.
February 27, 2023 | 07:47

Moc Chau

Photo: Bach hoa XANH
Photo: Bach hoa XANH

As a familiar destination for many backpackers, Moc Chau is considered to have a unique beauty, with the majesty of mountains and clouds. In the spring, this land is like a fairy who has just woken up, wearing a floral dress with the pink color of peach blossom and white plum.

Located about 200km west of Hanoi, Moc Chau, which is located in Son La province, is the wildest and most poetic plateau in the northern mountains of our country. Moc Chau attracts tourists with villages of ethnic minorities, peach, and plum flowers in a cool, fresh, and extremely pleasant atmosphere.

This land is also famous for the wonderful beauty of Ban Ang pine forest, Pha Luong mountain peak, Dai Yem waterfall, and Heart tea hill.

Moc Chau offers you a world of intense tranquility and breathtaking nature. It is therefore not surprising that many groups of young Vietnamese travel to this place during the weekend or during their holidays to escape the hectic city life. Moc Chau is known for its bright green tea plantations, which you can find on every hill. Newlywed Vietnamese wedding couples often travel to this area to have their wedding photos taken here in one of the countless flower fields.

Dong Van Karst Plateau, Ha Giang

Photo: Homestay review
Photo: Homestay review

Located in the northeast of Vietnam, Dong Van rock plateau is a famous scenic spot with both pristine and majestic beauty. The rough, rough mountains bring it a strange attraction. Windy and narrow mountain roads, and terraced fields, all seem to hide a lot of secrets that you can not easily discover. This is home to more than 20 ethnic minorities, including the Mong, Tay, Nung, Dao, and Giay, and for people who love learning about the culture and history of Vietnam.

In the spring, the beauty of Ha Giang seems to be adorned with a romantic and brilliant look with peach blossoms with lovely shades of pink, and fields of golden canola flowers, drawing tourists from all around the world.

Ha Giang City is often the starting point for every traveler who wishes to embrace Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, as well as other popular highlights of the province such as Quan Ba Twin Mountains, Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, and Hoang Su Phi… About 320km from Hanoi, you can reach there by motorbike, local bus or private car for your comfort with 6-7 hours of driving. It is recommended to spend one night in Ha Giang City to continue your journey to Dong Van. Following National Highway 4C for more than 150km, you will reach Dong Van Rock Plateau.

Trang An Scenic Complex

Photo: Day Trip Vietnam
Photo: Day Trip Vietnam

Trang An is even likened to a "Ha Long on land" with magnificent beauty created by a system of multi-varieties of rocky mountains reflecting down to the water streams connecting the caves, mountains, and wild valleys. The harmony of rocks, rivers, forests, and sky in Trang An creates a lively natural world full of charm and amazing natural sights. This place is also a place to preserve and contain many wetland ecosystems, forests on limestone mountains, archaeological sites, and unique cultural and historical sites.

Coming to Ninh Binh on spring days, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in the Bai Dinh pagoda festival, taking place from the 6th of the Lunar New Year to the end of March every year.


Photo: Bao Lang Son
Photo: Bao Lang Son

The next place that you should visit this spring is the ancient capital of Hue - a place imbued with the traditional beauty of culture and history of the whole nation. There are many things for you to admire, from the Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda to the Perfume River, Ngu Binh Mountain, Lang Co Bay, etc.

Moreover, the period from January to April is the most suitable time to visit Hue, when it rains the least, the climate is neither too dry nor too wet, and the weather is cool with temperatures ranging from 20 temperature to 24 degrees Celsius.

Phu Quoc

Photo: PhuQuocTrip
Photo: PhuQuocTrip

Spring is also a very suitable time for you to visit Ngoc Phu Quoc island of Kien Giang province when the dry season has just begun and the storm season has receded. The temperature of Phu Quoc at this time is also very cool and comfortable, only from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, not hot and muggy like in the summer. For many years, Phu Quoc has been a top destination for many tourists because of its primeval forests, beautiful beaches like paradise with white sand, and crystal clear blue water.

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