Time Travel at Famous Hundreds-Year-Old Architecture in Korea's Capital

Let's explore with some of the most famous architectural works in Seoul, South Korea.
January 07, 2022 | 16:03

Like a gentle love story of Korean dramas, traditional Korean architectural style is a harmonious combination between elegant aesthetics and the calming beauty of nature. Koreans often focus on using neutral colors, derived from the surrounding natural scenery, to create architectural quintessence from ancient to modern.

The designs here, like romantic Korea, always have an unique place in the hearts of architect enthusiasts around the world.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Top Famous Historical Architect in Korea
Photo: AFAR Magazine

Located in the heart of the magnificent capital Seoul, the ancient Gyeongbokgung Palace is considered the most famous architectural symbol of the land of kimchi. Started in 1392, this place used to be the living space of the great royal calendar and held the court during the historical era of the mighty Joseon Dynasty.

The overall planning of the palace includes three main areas: the main court area, the common living area and the resting area.

Top Famous Historical Architect in Korea

The most important site of the palace is Geunjeongjeon (Can Chinh Palace) which is first seen when entering the main gate of Gwanghwamun. This was the place where the main court activities took place and was also the living space of the king and queen at that time. With the exemplary architectural beauty of Asian style combined with soft lines inspired by peaceful nature.

On special occasion, you will witness the parade ceremony in the palace to describe a heroic part of the old dynasty. As the place to organize all the main activities of the Court and the place to set up the court of the king and his dignitaries, to receive embassies - Can Chinh Palace is the highest and most important palace of the Palace of Canh Phuc.

Top Famous Historical Architect in Korea
The campus of Gyeongbokgung has a regular and artistically pruned flower garden, typical for Korean garden art. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gyeonghoeru Pavilion (Khanh Hoi Lau) is the most beautiful place in Gyeongbokgung palace in Korea. This place is often used to organize banquets, dances, and music to treat foreign emissaries. Khanh Hoi Lau was built in a two-story architecture. The first floor is decorated with dragons and flowers, formed by 48 stone columns.

Bukchon Hanok Ancient Village

While in Seoul - Koea's busiest city, you can feel a creative energy that pulses here too, that drives innovation in music, technology and fashion. They all contribute to the city being one of the world’s strongest economies.

If you want to find a place to discover the long tradition and unique culture of Korea, do not miss the ancient village of Bukchon Hanok in your journey.

Top Famous Historical Architect in Korea
Bukchon Hanok Ancient Village is located inside Seoul city, located between Jongmyo Shrine, Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace. Photo: WIkimedia Commons

This is a traditional craft village that has been preserved intact in the 600-year-old urban area, including many alleys, hanok houses, and ancient pagoda roofs. Bukchon Hanok Village was built in a separate architectural style. It is unique not only by its rustic but solid appearance on the outside, but also by its harmonious decoration style inside.

The construction materials are mainly natural materials, but carefully selected, so far, many houses still retain their ancient appearance, nestled under the ginkgo tree. The doors in the houses in Hanok Bukchon village are quite wide and made of wood with elaborate decorative motifs.

Most of the houses in the village are numbered. The streets are vertical and horizontal, the ash-colored tile roofs stretch along the slopes, the streets are paved with green stone or the pots of kimchi salted and made soybeans on the porch are full of nostalgia.

Nowadays, very few people live in this area, instead, the are used as traditional restaurants, guesthouses, tea houses and cultural centers. The village is a perfect space filled with historical traces of Korea.

Top Famous Historical Architect in Korea
Photo: Living + Nomads
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