Toward VUFO's new tenure: Find the light inside

The sixth National Congress of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) will be held on December 5 to welcome a new tenure with lots of opportunities and at the same time, many new challenges.
December 03, 2019 | 07:14
toward vufos new tenure find the light inside Vietnamese French congresswoman proud of Vietnam’s achievements
toward vufos new tenure find the light inside People-to-people diplomacy greatly contributes to the country's foreign affairs
toward vufos new tenure find the light inside VUFO Youth Union holds seventh Congress
toward vufos new tenure find the light inside

Therefore, in this term, VUFO need to possess a strong and professional organizational structure to accomplish its missions and take advantage of opportunities. This is stated in the theme of the sixth Congress: “Strong innovation, promoting the core role in people-to-people diplomacy, contributing to the cause of national defence and development".

Ahead of the Congress VI, the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat issued the Directive No. 38-CT/TW on continuing innovation, promoting the role and improving the quality and effectiveness of VUFO’s activities in the new situation. The Directive has once again affirmed VUFO’s significant role in people-to-people diplomacy. The Directive clearly stated the key consistent policy of the Party, identifying people-to-people diplomacy as an important pillar in Vietnam's foreign affairs. It is accompanied by the guidance on the institutionalization of the Party’s policy on the resources, regime, policies, scope of activities of VUFO, from the central agency to the member units. The Directive is a great source of support and encouragement for those working in the field of people-to-people diplomacy.

The world has been witnessing profound and complex changes. Therefore, we need to set new guidelines, policies, goals and methods in foreign affairs in general and people-to-people diplomacy in particular.

The first priority is intrinsic innovation, starting from the organization's structure and personnel. Science, discipline, solidarity and unity are prioritized. Personnels need to be supplemented and intensively trained so that they are equipped with knowledge, skills and inspired by those who work in people-to-people diplomacy. Concepts, definitions of the expertise need to be replaced and updated with new knowledge and methods. Especially, the initiative and flexibility (as the motto of operation has been set) must be realized and promoted to the utmost. We need to keep ourself updated on the new situation, thoroughly learn about each partner, each force, as well as the factors affecting people’s movements in the world. Based on that, we will find out the appropriate policies and proactively mobilize the supports from friends and partners.

In addition to being the in-charge agency in people-to-people diplomacy, VUFO is also a core unit in guiding local organizations, business, and people to take part in this endeavor, supporting and serving the need of both members and partners. VUFO will strive to be a reliable unit that can gather all social forces and every citizen to participate in people-to-people diplomacy.

We will proudly come to the world with the soul and identity of Vietnam. Therefore, we need to be strong, righteous and civilized by ourselves.

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