Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese

In 10 journeys to bring overseas Vietnamese back to their homeland, many young Vietnamese set foot on Truong Sa (Spratly). This place aroused in them a strong love for their homeland.
May 29, 2023 | 13:23
Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese
Le Tu My Lien, overseas Vietnamese in the US, helped the crew on board HQ 571. Photo: VNA

The hearts of young Vietnamese people, wherever they are always in harmony with the Truong Sa waves.

Great journey in life

Vivacious, always full of energy are the first impressions when people met Le Tu My Lien, born in 1993. She is currently the representative of the Coordinating Committee of the Association of Viet Students and Professionals in US, and Co-Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association in California. She has lived and studied in the United States for 12 years.

As one of the two youngest members of the overseas Vietnamese delegation, My Lien said that the first time she attended the trip to Truong Sa (Spratly), she was nervous but also excited.

Feeling lucky to have the opportunity to set foot on the sacred sea and islands of the country, My Lien said the time she spent only 4 days to prepare for the Truong Sa trip. Through her personal Facebook, Lien and other international students managed to mobilize more than VND30 million (US$1277) to buy gifts for the Truong Sa army and people.

Spending days on the ship, visiting 4 islands and the DK1 rigs, Lien was amazed by the beauty of the sea and islands of her homeland. She was more impressed by the sacrifices, hardships, and bravery of the army and people on the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago.

With the desire to understand about Truong Sa on this trip, Lien and young people in the group planned to make a handbook of Truong Sa, sharing personal experiences when participating in the journey.

In the handbook, there is also specific illustrations to make it easy to understand, remember for those who are lucky to join the next trip to Truong Sa.

Lien said that once completed, this book will be sent to the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs so that, if having the opportunity, it will be published as a book in PDF format. The book aims to share and support those who come to Truong Sa for the first time like Lien.

Sharing her thoughts after the trip, Lien said that young Vietnamese, including young overseas Vietnamese from all over the world, should take advantage of every opportunity to travel more and learn more about their country, especially to the homeland.

That helps them to be more attached to the homeland, have accurate information about the Party's and State's policies towards Vietnam's seas and islands. It also helps them to feel the courage of our army and people in the cause of protecting the homeland's sea and islands.

"If given the opportunity, I would like to return to Truong Sa. I believe that participating in meaningful journeys like this will always be the dream of the young Vietnamese generation at home and abroad. Thanks to that, we will become more connected and have more ideas to contribute to the homeland," said My Lien.

Contributing to homeland

Sharing the same joy with My Lien when participating in the Truong Sa trip for the first time, Nguyen Anh Tu, who has lived in Hungary for 23 years, said that participating in the visit to Truong Sa with the overseas Vietnamese delegation was a blessing for him.

Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese
Nguyen Anh Tu, overseas Vietnamese in Hungary, on ship 571 to Truong Sa. Photo: VNA

With the purpose of wanting to learn as much information about the sea and islands, about Truong Sa, Tu was nervous but eager to join the cruise.

Before departing, he and an overseas Vietnamese together with the Hungarian delegation agreed to establish a Truong Sa Club in Hungary after the trip. The club aims to spread overseas Vietnamese in Hungary accurate information about the situation of Vietnam's sea and islands as well as the guidelines and policies of the Party and State on this issue.

Tu used to organize events related to the sea and islands for the Vietnamese community in Hungary. Many events such as exhibitions and seminars related to the homeland's sea and islands attracted the attention of Vietnamese people in Hungary and international friends.

With the practical knowledge gained from this trip, Tu intends to share with the Vietnamese community in Hungary through social networks about the Spratlys and homeland' islands.

Given that there are many ways for young Vietnamese to contribute to their homeland, Anh Tu assessed that young people in Hungary as well as in European countries are smart and hardworking. Many Vietnamese also hold positions in the local government. They are the representatives of the Vietnamese people in the world.

Many young Vietnamese also contribute to Vietnam knowledge in science, technology, health and education.

Programs to visit the homeland's sea and islands such as the trip to Truong Sa will be a link between people in the country and those far from the country. It helps them arouse the desire to contribute to an innovative, developed and integrated Vietnam.

Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese
Vu Trong Thu, overseas Vietnamese in UAE, chats with soldiers on Truong Sa island. Photo: VNA

Another young person, Vu Trong Thu, who has lived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for more than 7 years, said that when he met officers and soldiers on Truong Sa island, he learned that the water purifiers on Truong Sa can only be used for a short time. The reason is that the filter is clogged.

Therefore, after returning to the UAE, Vu Trong Thu will connect with some friends, colleagues and engineers to research the way to properly treat the seawater filter that has been unusable. This will be a concrete and practical way to show the love of a young Vietnamese scientist for the homeland's sea and islands.

Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese
Photo: VNA
Truong Sa Archipelago in Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese
Overseas Vietnamese and soldiers on Da Tay B island. Photo: VNA

Young Vietnamese people such as My Lien, Anh Tu, Trong Thu, in the overseas journeys to visit Truong Sa, brought with them the eagerness to experience a great journey in human life - the journey to Truong Sa.

What they brought back is their love for their homeland and country, their belief in the Party and State's guidelines and policies on protecting the country's sovereignty over seas and islands. It is the burning desire to devote to the homeland of young Vietnamese, wherever they are, towards the nation.

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