Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association Set 3 Key Tasks for 2022

After reviewing the association's achievements in 2021, Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association discussed key tasks for 2022, including organizing the 4th Congress and attracting enterprises participation in the Association.
January 27, 2022 | 08:37

On Jan. 24, Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association held a conference to review the activities of 2021 and set out work orientation in 2022. The conference was held in a hybrid form of face-to-face combined with online via Zoom.

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Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

Taking advantage of online platforms to adapt to the new normal

In 2021, due to the pandemic, many in-person exchanges and friendship activities of the Association were not carried out. Hence, its activities changed to online or hybrid form to continue to strengthen relationships with partners and promote Vietnam-Canada relations.

At the meeting, the Association Secretaries delivered a report on the implementation of the Project on the development of Vietnam-Canada relations from 2020 to 2025 approved by the Prime Minister.

The achievements thus far included strengthening the force of young people to participate in people-to-people exchange activities through the establishment of the Vietnamese Alumni Club in Canada.

In addition, the Association develops programs to support understanding, educational and cultural exchange between the two countries in coordination with the Embassy, hold delegations for the Ambassador to visit the localities, strengthen exchange activities, support to organize programs and welcome delegations of the Canada-Vietnam Association and partner organizations, supporting cooperation between citizens and organizations of the two countries, communicating with businesses.

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Ms. Pham Thu Linh, Permanent secretary, Deputy Head of the Apprenticeship Department of the Americas Department. Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

Members of the Executive Committee updated the situation in Canada and the relationship between the two countries.

The Association announced the Prime Minister's Decision on awarding certificates of merit to its collectives for their achievement from 2016 to 2020 and the VUFO Presidium's decision to award certificates of merit to individuals in 2021.

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Vice Chairman of the Association Pham Quang Minh (right) received Award for his contribution in 2021. Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

Three key tasks in the upcoming year

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Standing Vice President of the Association Nguyen Thi Hoi. Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

The second part of the meeting, the Association discuss the work in 2022. The Association will focus on 3 following key tasks:

Firstly, the Association will organize the 4th Congress term 2021-2025; develop and supplement a number of regulations as a basis for the Association's activities; welcome collective and individual members; strengthen the connection with local associations, consider establishing Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association in more appropriate localities; expanding partners in Vietnam and Canada; launch the Vietnamese Alumni Club in Canada.

Secondly, the Association continues to strengthen the organization of online activities, facilitating regular connection with associations in provinces and cities; bringing Association activities to localities, linking with businesses, schools, research institutes to increase the spread of activities; to increase the participation of members in the activities of the Association;

Thirdly, the Association continues to maintain and promote activities of peace, solidarity and friendship with the Canadian people; to coordinate with ministries and branches to organize activities of connection and development cooperation between people of the two countries; to organize cultural and artistic exchange activities, enhancing mutual understanding between Vietnam and Canada.

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Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

Chairman of the Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association Nguyen Viet Tien acknowledged the enthusiastic contributions of members and highly appreciated the Association's activities over the past time. Chairman Nguyen Viet Tien hopes that in 2022, the Association will focus on completing the organizational structure; operating rules and regulations of the Association. He stress that it is necessary to continue promoting the strengths of Vietnam - Canada in the fields of culture, education and health.

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Chairman of the Vietnam - Canada Friendship Association Nguyen Viet Tien (middle) listening to the report. Photo: Zoey Nguyễn

"The Association's activities in the new year need to be diverse, effective and well-prepared. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen forces such as enterprises participation in the Association," said the Chairman.

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