Vietnam, RoK Celebrate Productive Friendship in Webtoon

Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a country with popular webtoons adapted into TV series on Netflix, expressed interest in accessing the intellectual property as well as the potential Vietnamese market.
August 12, 2023 | 14:14
Vietnam, RoK Celebrate Productive Friendship in Webtoon
All of us are dead - a famous Korean webtoon successfully adapted into a full-length series, produced and exclusively broadcast by Netflix.

The Republic of Korea (RoK) is interested in Vietnam's webtoon and animation market. This is information confirmed by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) in the business connection activity - the 2nd biz-matching online B2B meeting 2023.

This meeting took place from August 8-9, organized by the branch of KOCCA in Vietnam, in order to create connections, support Vietnam-RoK cooperation, and help their businesses enter the Vietnamese market.

Webtoon is a genre of webcomics, published online on the internet. The RoK is considered the cradle of the webtoon, which has flourished.

Some famous webtoons have been adapted into dramas and gained a lot of attention, such as "All of us are dead" (2022) or "Hell Bound" (2021), and "Sweet Home" (2020). They are all produced by Netflix and are widely watched by international audiences on the platform. Experts recognize these as highly rated IPs (Intellectual Property).

Vietnam, RoK Celebrate Productive Friendship in Webtoon
KOCCA conducts the meeting. Photo: VNP

Therefore, through B2B (direct cooperation between businesses), the two countries mainly discussed webtoon exchange, production cooperation, and IP trading.

"In Vietnam, the webtoon is just in the beginning stages. Therefore, the RoK expressed great interest in this market," said the event organizer.

Director of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) Vietnam Hong Jeong Yong said "In order to help RoK content producers in the most practical way, we have to expand our buyer network in Vietnam. We are constantly working to help businesses in both countries operate effectively when investing in Vietnam."

Focusing on webtoon, and animation, this meeting attracted 23 businesses from the two countries to attend and conduct business consulting.

Vietnamese content creators and filmmakers are also particularly interested in this genre.

Director of hit movies Daddy's Issue, Jailbait, Charlie Nguyen also appreciated the influence of K-webtoon (Korean webtoon) on the Vietnamese market as well as many other countries and territories such as Malaysia, India, and Taiwan (China).

He also expressed his hope that the two countries will have more necessary and important cooperation.

Vietnam, RoK Celebrate Productive Friendship in Webtoon
The head of KOCCA appreciates intellectual properties in the Vietnamese market, thanks to their rich history and culture. Photo: VNP

In the coming September, KOCCA will continue to organize a similar business connection meeting with Vietnam. This meeting is in the field of video games and fantasy, creative characters.

The RoK will feature game developers and distributors. Vietnam will also have companies specializing in distribution and interested in related issues.

Earlier in May, KOCCA Vietnam conducted the 1st biz-matching meeting on content creation. The event attracted more than 40 businesses from the two countries, helping to restart cooperation after the Covid-19 pandemic.

KOCCA Director Hong Jeong Yong appreciated the cultural and historical values of Vietnam. He affirmed that this is the foundation to create rich and interesting content for the cultural industry.

He also acknowledged that Vietnam has advantages thanks to its fast-growing economy and technologically invested infrastructure.

Sharing with the press, the RoK expert said that the Vietnamese Government needs to build a clearer legal framework that encourages creators, and protects copyright work, to be able to achieve the revenue target of cultural industries contributing 7% to GDP.

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