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Vietnam tank team entered the semi-finals of the Tank Biathlon 2020 competition

August 31, 2020 | 11:03

Despite having a malfunction and having to use a spare tank, the team managed to finish in 2nd place.

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2817 capture8
The Vietnamese crew celebrated after finishing the match on August 24 (Photo: Russia Department of Defense)

On the afternoon of August 29, the number 3 tank crew of the Vietnamese tank team entered the final competition in Army Games 2020 with teams from Myanmar and Qatar. Despite having a malfunction and having to use a spare tank, the team managed to finish in 2nd place.

At 16:30 p.m. on August 29, according to Hanoi time, the 3rd tank crew of the Vietnamese team entered the final match of the qualifying round to select four teams to enter the 2020 Tank Biathlon semi-finals. There are three teams remaining, due to the lack of players in the South Ossetia team.

2816 capture7
The yellow tank of the Vietnam People's Army Tank Team kicked off the game quite well, quickly overcame obstacles and headed towards the firing area. (Photo: Vietnam People's Army)
2812 capture6
The crew finished the test very quickly, after a series of technical gunfire, the gunner Lieutenant Phan Van Tuan defeated all 3/3 targets in just 7 minutes 29. (Photo: People's Army)
2809 capture5
In the second race, the crew took down the assumed target of a 12 mm 7 gun helicopter. (Photo: People's Army)
2819 capture9
Vietnamese tanks proceeded to take the ammunition. (Photo: Russia Department of Defense)
2806 capture4
The teammates are always watching and cheering for the Vietnamese tank team at Alabino Stadium in the outskirts of Moscow. (Photo: People's Army)
2800 capture3
However, when the tank of the Vietnamese team arrived at an obstacle to the dry river, had technical problems and was forced to replace the reserved vehicle to continue the test. (Photo: People's Army)
2757 capture2
Despite technical problems and forced to replace the reserved vehicle, the team successfully completed the competition. (Photo: VOV)
2754 capture1
The red flag with a yellow star flew over the turret after the crew finished the competition. (Photo: VOV)
2752 capture
All teams use T-72B3 tanks supplied by the host country of the Russian Federation, except for some countries that have specific requirements for using domestic tanks. (Photo: VOV)

After the meeting of the referee and the organizers, the final result is announced: the Myanmar tank team finished first with a record of 33 minutes 39, despite not accurately hitting any target. The Vietnamese team finished second with a record of 37 minutes 52, shooting down 4/5 beer. The Qatar tank team completed the test in 42 minutes 03, shooting down 2/5 of beer.

With the achievements in the qualifying round, the Vietnam tank team has reached the semi-finals of the group 2 of the Tank Biathlon 2020 competition.

The Vietnam Tank team will meet the Tank Team of Myanmar at 15:00 on September 1 (Moscow time, 19:00 Hanoi time). The Lao Tank Team will meet the Tank Team Tajikistan on September 2.

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