VUFO Chairwoman: Thai Nguyen Union is creative in people's external activities

In recent years, despite the constraints, Union of Friendship Organizations of Thai Nguyen province (Thai Nguyen Union) is diversity in many aspects, creative in deployment of new friendly activity’s models.
April 11, 2019 | 09:32

A Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO)’s delegation is headed by its Party's Designated Representation cum Chairwoman Nguyen Phuong Nga has a working session with Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vu Hong Bac and Standing Committee of Thai Nguyen Union on April 9.

VUFO Chairwoman: Thai Nguyen Union is creative in people's external activities

VUFO Chairwoman Nguyen Phuong Nga delivers her speech. (Photo: VNF)

In the last years, activities of Thai Nguyen Union and the system organizations was deployed effectively and had more positive fruitfulness. Concentrating on multilarisation, activities’ form renovation, which has a role to make friends and partners comprehends about Vietnam’s situations, purposes and essences of regime, policies and guidelines of the Party and the state to enlist the supports of organizations and inpiduals for state building and security. Mobilized programs of foreign Non-Government Organizations played a role in reducing poverty, local social-economic developments. Economic, trading, invested, tourist, cultural, educational and science and technology cooperation are opened. People-to-people diplomatic activities developed their general strength, enhanced their effectiveness and maintained the unification of organizations in diplomacy.

Besides the advantages, Thai Nguyen Union still has its difficulties when there have not have specialized agency. Therefore, it does not develop its effectiveness of people relation’s activity in the new age. Expense is still limited, that partly affects the activities’ deployment of the Union…

In the working session, VUFO Chairwoman Nguyen Phuong Nga acknowledged the active role of Thai Nguyen Union is persity in many aspects. Moreover, Thai Nguyen is also creative in deployment of new friendly activity’s model.

“The provincial Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association is one of the example of the most effervescent and active Association although it does not have border with Laos. Accomplishments of Thai Nguyen Union show that every provinces has its own strength and develops those strength in the perspective of organizing system is still difficult,” Nga said.

On the direction for the following times, Nga proposes Thai Nguyen Union to determine the importance people relation activity as well as the social-political nature of union of friendship from central to local system that is necessary to construct the suitable organized system, depend on strength and demand of the province.

Thai Nguyen Union also need to defy the mission of peace, unified friendship is a central activity alongside the intensification and promote the foreign NGOs activity, she added.

The VUFO Chairwoman expresses the desire of VUFO to continue getting the active support of Thai Nguyen province in the activities and tasks to increase reputation, assert the role of the whole Union in general.

Nga claims Thai Nguyen Union is one of the first priority of VUFO, adding that VUFO will extremely support to let Thai Nguyen Union act effectively, play an active role for social-economic development and international integration of the province.

Having a speech at the working session, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vu Hong Bac acknowledges the achievements of Thai Nguyen Union over the past time.

Stressing the great role of Union system in people diplomacy work, he asserts Thai Nguyen province always support and believe in the guideline and activity method of VUFO as well as Thai Nguyen Union. To determine the social-political nature of Thai Nguyen Union, Bac considers that the Union need to promote the awareness of every class about the diplomatic activities in the contemporary situation.

He pledges Thai Nguyen province will pay attention and support to the activity and the development of VUFO as well as the provincial Union.

Translated by Thanh Vân

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