Weekly Horoscope for Sept 28- Oct 4: Prediction for Astrological Signs

Weekly Horoscope for September 28- October 4: It’s a busy week for the planets as we shift from September to October, with two planets moving in the right direction again.
September 27, 2020 | 22:26
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Weekly Planetary Overview September 28- October 4

The first planet to finallyleave retrograde is Saturn (planet of foundation) early in the week, cruising through Capricorn for the last time. While this is usually a positive thing, the strength and patience of Saturn in Capricorn will be dampened when Mars (planet of passion) squares Saturn around the same time. Expect delays and frustrations.

On Wednesday, we start the spooky season off right with a full moon. This full moon in fiery Aries allows us to finally call a truce in the battles we’ve been fighting lately.

The next day, Venus (planet of love) leaves playful Leo for practical Virgo. Don’t be surprised if you read texts from friends and lovers a little more carefully.

The week will end when Pluto (planet of transformation) goes direct in Capricorn on Sunday, giving us an opportunity to take action and come into our personal power.

Weekly Horoscopefor September 28- October 4


1937 aries

Monday to Thursday is one of the best times of the whole year for romance and socializing. The perfect blend of sexuality and affection makes you look and feel sexy. This balance also means you are ready to give and receive love and adoration. You can be confident and assertive in chasing your desires without coming on too strong. This is also a good time for self-promotion and starting a pet project.

Friday to Sunday is an excellent time for many things because you should enjoy good relations with just about everyone. Increased public appeal and popularity can be used to your advantage if you wish, with no concern about guilt or negative karma. This is a good time to ask for a favor or for a loan from the bank. You can mend a broken relationship or find a peaceful settlement to disputes.


1956 taurus

Monday to Thursday a positive boost of emotional energy and a more outgoing attitude bring harmonious relationships with friends and family. You should be feeling good with little to worry about. This is the perfect time to take the initiative to deal with any recent relationship problems. This is also a good time to promote yourself and ask for favors because others will sense your self-confidence and balanced focus.

Friday to Sunday brings opportunities for love and money. You should be feeling more eager to show your love and affection for someone special. You have especially good social skills and others will appreciate your friendly attitude and pleasantness. Because of this attractive energy you express, you may well attract new love and this is a great time for dating. You may receive compliments, gifts and favors.


2014 gemini

Monday to Thursday an increased desire for social contact and enjoyment makes this is one of the best times of the year for dating. Your soft loving side balances out your raw sexual desire so you can be direct without coming on too strong. Increased personal beauty and charisma makes for popularity in social situations. Existing love relationships should flourish or you could find your true soulmate.

Friday to Sunday is excellent for self-promotion and intimate relationships because of increased self-confidence, courage, sexual magnetism, and physical attractiveness. If you are dating you can conquer any natural shyness you may have to break the ice and make a good first impression. Feeling more adventurous, you can push the boundaries and try something new with a willing partner.


2045 cancer

Monday to Thursday is a good time for loving, relaxing and partying. You can more easily share your feelings of affection with others. With fewer worries and fears you should feel less inhibited than usual. So this is the perfect time for dating, making new friends, improving existing relationships, and even doing business. You can rely on increased charm and social skills to make a good first impression. A significant new relationship to begin.

Friday to Sunday your positive attitude and loving nature create opportunities for love and money. You can take the initiative in these areas and expect good reactions and support. Being proactive in relationships by simply giving love can heal any old wounds. A hug and a kiss may be all it takes to put any dramas behind you with loved ones. Negotiations and business dealings should be amicable.


2101 leo

Monday to Thursday brings an increased desire for intimate relations and sexual satisfaction. Your tender and sensual side compliments your raw passion and sex appeal to make you highly attractive. Increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. So this is an excellent time for dating, making new friends, entertaining, and also for creative work.

Friday to Sunday brings self-confidence and a surge of goal-directed energy. You should feel extremely motivated to complete goals and will have all you need to do just that. The extra initiative, energy, and self-belief mean you can succeed at the toughest of tasks in the shortest time possible. You can work under high-pressure situations and will know instinctively when it is okay to take risks.


2120 virgo

Monday to Thursday you should feel strong, sexy and brave. You can take the initiative and act with passion when your emotions are aroused. Your quick instincts and fighting spirit can be used to stand up for yourself or defend your home and family. This is a good time to improve sexual relations with your partner or to find a new playmate. Increased charisma and sex appeal will make you more popular in social situations.

Friday to Sunday brings love, peace, harmony, and beauty, with a focus on your love relationships, creativity, and finances. This pleasant, affectionate, charming, and sociable influence is a good omen for friendships and romance. This is a good time for seeking pleasure through sex, amusement, entertainment and partying, but also for relaxing in comfort or having fun with children.


2209 libra

Monday to Thursday personal interactions become more intense and exciting. You should feel more sociable and better able to express your passionate desires. Increased sexual attraction, courage and initiative make this an excellent time for dating. This is also a good time for starting a new financial venture or partnership, and any new project of a competitive, physical or creative nature. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Friday to Sunday brings self-confidence and self-respect. This is a good time to think seriously about your responsibilities to others and your long-term goals. This is also a good time to seek commitment in an intimate relationship or to formalize a business partnership. Any new relationship would have some serious or practical considerations but become a long-term and dependable relationship.


2232 scorpio

Monday to Thursday a competitive yet also a cooperative attitude makes winning come easy. Success and popularity results from a warm attractiveness, which also makes this an ideal time for pursuing your stronger than usual desires for intimacy. You will have the respect and support of almost everyone because they will appreciate your drive, initiative, and courage.

Friday to Sunday an all-round good feeling makes you want to enjoy life and be around friends and family. This is an ideal time for all sorts of relationships but especially for bonding closer with a partner or for starting a new love relationship. You should feel beautiful and affectionate and will attract the same. A good time to beautify the home or office, and to pamper yourself with nice things like jewelry, clothes, or a makeover.


2249 sag

Monday to Friday you will find it easier to follow your heart’s desire. Follow your intuition on activities of a sexual and romantic nature. This is the right time to enjoy yourself. You should be feeling strong, confident and sexy. Increased physical beauty and popularity make this an excellent time for dating, socializing, self-promotion, and starting creative or financial projects and partnerships.

Saturday and Sunday you might find it hard to settle and relax, feeling tense and anxious. A buildup of nervous energy in your system can feel exciting but also a little scary. If you have been restricted or bored lately you will seek more freedom and creative self-expression. It is important to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions. Try to go with the flow and fit in.


2307 capricorn

Monday to Thursday is a great time to catch up with old friends or spend time with family. All existing relationships, especially those with women, will be warm and enjoy emotional growth. Making new friends comes easy because of your willingness to share your feelings. You can break the ice and be warmly received. Increased popularity means you can captivate a wide audience.

Friday to Sunday should be a time of low stress and harmonious relationships. Others are likely to respond to your loving and care-free mood with kindness and affection. All social activitiesare favored and even interactions with bosses and others at work should go well. Your calming influence on the people around you brings admiration and popularity. This is a great time for dating or spending quality time with a loved one.


2326 aquarius

Monday to Thursday brings a strong desire for pleasure and adventure. A harmonious balance between flirty sexuality and affectionate love makes you especially attractive. This is one of the best times of the year for finding the perfect match and for improving existing relationships. You also have great energy, courage and focus to pour into anything related to creativity, beauty, making money, and initiating new projects.

Friday to Sunday growth and good fortune comes through social contact and especially close one to one relationships. You will make a good first impression when meeting new people. Your generosity and warmth will make you more attractive and popular. You can increase your material wealth through investments, business partnerships, speculation, education, and trade. Someone could offer you a wonderful opportunity.


2342 pisces

Monday and Tuesday an imbalance may develop between your need for love and the amount of love you get. You may feel extra responsibility for your partner or other loved ones, or you may find them irresponsible. If dating, you may have a tendency to attract cold and unfeeling people. Don’t feel like you have to do certain things or live up to a certain standard to be loved. The more you love yourself, the more others will love you.

Wednesday to Sunday a warm fuzzy feeling makes this an ideal time for sharing your emotions with loved ones. Increased popularity and generous mood make this a good time for socializing and dating. Intimate relationships will benefit from your openness and honesty. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships. This is a time of good feelings and happiness.

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