Young generations to give new motivations to Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association’s activity

The delegates of Central Committee of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association’s 7th conference considers that the young generation will motivate to the activities of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association (VLFA).

Young generations to give new motivations to Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association’s activity

VLFA Presient Tran Van Tuy.

Concentrating on educating the friendship between two countries

Chairman of Dak-Lak chapter Hoang Chuyen agree with VLFA on the activities’ direction in the following time. Especially, he considered teaching the young generation about the friendly relation between Vietnam and Laos is an important mission.

In 2018, Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association of Dak-Lak province organized the town twinning ceremony with Sekong province (Laos) for Association’s activities, information and cultural exchange between two provinces, which attracted Laotian students in Dak-Lak to join in the friendly activities of two countries.

Furthermore, Dak-Lak chapter also commits to start training students of Xekong province. Particularly, students from poor family can study at the Central Highland Ethnic Minority Boarding School that contribute to seed the friendly twinning ethnic relation of not only two provinces, but also Vietnam and Laos in general.

Vice principal of T87 Friendship School Le Phu Thang also agreed with Chuyen on concentrating on teaching the traditional mean of the special friendly relation of Vietnam and Laos. The school innovated the homestay program for Laotian students who are studying in the province. The school carried out this program in 5 years and there were nearly 400 students taking part in.

The school recognizes the program has its great mean in planting and maintaining the special friendly relation Vietnam – Laos. It is a significant program which helps Laotian students integrate themselves in the local community while they studying in the province, contributing to improving their learning quality and environment as well as further strengthening the special relationship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos in general and the province and some Laotian provinces in particular.

The knowledge and interaction between each other has a part to consolidate and cultivate the special friendly Vietnam – Laos relation. Laotian students as well as local people cultivate mutual understanding and contribute to building good relations between Vietnam and Laos. The friendly Vietnam – Laos relation is deep and steadfast because of the beloved and simple sympathy.

Young generations to give new motivations to Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association’s activity

VUFO Chairwoman Nguyen Phuong Nga.

Youthening members

On behalf of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), Chairwoman Nguyen Phuong Nga appreciated the achievements of the VLFA over last years. Nga agreed with the opinions which was given in the reports and the conference on activities’ direction of VLFA in the next time. She considered there are two considered missions, includes the necessary of the promotion and increase of educating the traditional relation combines with the anniversary events between two countries; especially, the 70th anniversary of Traditional Day of Volunteer Soldiers in 2019.

“Educating young generations about bilateral special ties is necessary. We are now having many programs to educate the tradition for the young generations. Every officials and departments in the political system have to actively contribute to this cause,” Nga said.

Secondly, to prepare for the next term congress, the Association need to consolidate and increase its organizations and structure of the system for both developing and being strong permanently. Nga also emphasized the strength of the VLFA which is the team of enthusiasm and confidential members. However, the Association need to renovate boldly and be creative basing on the attraction of more human resource to youthen the Executive Committee of the Association.

Nga considered the confidence and knowledge of the senior members associate with the youthful energy and creation of the younger generations will make the new motivation for VLFA’s more attractive activities, contributing to promote the Vietnam – Laos’s friendly relations.

The VUFO Chairwoman stressed the VUFO always consider that the VLFA is the pivotal force and the core of the Union system. Therefore, the Union will give highest priorities to deploy activities of center of the Association and its local chapters.

Summarizing the conference, VLFA President Tran Van Tuy thanked to the opinions of delegates as well as the conscientious and closed steering of VUFO’s Chairwoman, adding that he will conclude all the opinions to write a report and send it to system organizations to discuss and have supplement opinions. From that, he will choose the suitable form for effective activities of the Association.

On this occasion, the VLFA concurred to elect 2 vice president, 6 members of Standing Committee, 7 members of Central Committee of the Association.

Translated by Thanh Van


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