40,000 lives to be transformed by Facing the World

Dealing with these cases requires a high level of expertise, posing challenge to even very experienced surgeons. In addition, facial disfigurement operation requires the collaboration of multi-field specialists, such as neurology, otolaryngology, oral maxillofacial surgeries, etc. as well as modern medical equipments.

(VNF) – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently signed between Facing the World, Vietnam Airlines and three Vietnamese partner hospitals will bring a brighter future to more than 40,000 people with facial disfigurements.

40,000 lives to be transformed by Facing the World

Facing the World's medical mission team conduct health check for facial-defect patient. Photo: FTW

According to statistical report of the Ministry of Health, around 5,000 kids are born with facial disfigurement every year. The occurrence of severe facial birth defects is by some estimates 10 times higher in Vietnam than in neighbouring countries. Many believe this to be the result of the effects of the dioxins in Agent Orange which are thought to have caused a mutation in the genetic make-up.

A facial disfigurement surgery is therefore not affordable for many families. At the same time, it is not covered by medical insurance, lowering the chance for poor patients to receive treatment.

In Vietnam, only 1,000 or 1,200 facial disfigurement surgeries are performed each year (meeting 10-15% actual demand). In order to complete these surgeries, big hospitals and medical centers normally have to rely on the supports of overseas doctors who come in medical missions.

40,000 lives to be transformed by Facing the World

The MoU signing ceremony by FTW, Vietnam Airlines and three partner hospitals. Photo: Hong Ngoc Hospital

Being aware of the pressing need, in over the last 10 years, Facing the World (FTW) has been playing a crucial part in transforming thousands of disfigured faces in Vietnam.

The MoU signed between FTW, 108 Military Central Hospital, Viet Duc University Hospital, Hong Ngoc Hospital and Vietnam Airlines on April 24 will kick start the cooperation between the three healthcare system (the state, the military and private sector). The c creating a strong network nationwide, engaging credible doctors and practitioners in the mission of helping needy patients across Vietnam.

Signed as part of the 93rd birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth, a great supporters of charities across the world, the MoU symbolizes the longstanding friendship and close cooperation of Vietnam and the UK.

"The cooperation between UK charity FTW and Vietnamese hospital systems will ensure children can get access to craniofacial surgeries, to allow them to live normal healthy lives", said UK Ambassador Gareth Ward.

The Ambassador also expressed his appreciation for Vietnam Airlines for joining hand with FTW to bring top quality doctors from countries like UK, Canada to Vietnam.

According to the MoU, in addition to providing surgeries to over 40,000 patients, 140 doctors will receive training and get access to most advanced sug technology.

As part of the cooperation, FTW will sponsor remote health check equipment In Touch for 108 Military Central hospital, Viet Duc University hospital and Hong Ngoc hospital. The supply of equipment is expected to open a new chapter of broader and deeper international connection in medication training.

Earlier, FTW has sponsored the three partner hospitals medical equipments worth over 1 million pound as well as creating opportunities for expertise exchange, technology transferring between foreign and Vietnamese surgeons.

Last year November, FTW also supported 108 Military Central hospital in establishing the country’s first integrated and multidisciplinary Center for Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery.

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