70 OVs Visit Truong Sa, DK-I rig on the 49th Anniversary of National Reunification

The State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently coordinated with the Navy Command to send a delegation of overseas Vietnamese to Truong Sa Island District and the DK-I Rig House.
May 01, 2024 | 10:32

The trip was held within the framework of Working Group No. 11 and on the 49th anniversary of Vietnam's reunification (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2024), the liberation of the Truong Sa archipelago (April 29, 1975), the 69th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam People's Navy (May 7, 1955).

The program, taking place from April 24 - 30, 2024, was participated by nearly 70 overseas Vietnamese delegates from 22 countries, expressing their sentiment towards the Fatherland, the country's sacred territory, and showing empathy for the hardships of the soldiers who guard the sovereignty of the homeland's islands and seas day and night.

During the trip, overseas Vietnamese delegates visited five destinations including Sinh Ton Dong, Len Dao, Da Dong, Da Tay, Truong Sa town, and DK-I/14 Phuc Tan Rig House. During the visits and encouragement sessions for officers, soldiers, and people on the islands and the rig house, the delegation expressed their honor and pride in visiting the sacred territory of the country. They admired the courageous spirit of the army and people who overcame all difficulties and hardships on the islands and the rig house to accomplish the assigned tasks.

Directly witnessing life on the islands and rig houses; taking part in cultural exchanges and visiting schools, households, and pagodas on the island, people expressed their joy to see the improving living conditions on the island and the rig houses, thanks to the attention and investment of the Party and the State, with the support of people across the country, including overseas Vietnamese.

70 OVs Visit Truong Sa, DK-I rig on the 49th Anniversary of National Reunification
Overseas Vietnamese give gifts to officers and soldiers of DK-I/14 Rig House.

Overseas Vietnamese delegates attended the commemoration ceremony for soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the islands and seas. They also attended the parade commemorating the 49th anniversary of the liberation of the Truong Sa Islands in Truong Sa town, the flag-raising ceremony, the incense offering ceremony, and the flower offering ceremony at the Memorial of Martyrs and Heroes and the President Ho Chi Minh Memorial House on the island.

Speaking at the meeting in Truong Sa town, Cao Hong Vinh, Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Association, Vice President of the Vietnamese Women's Association in Poland, member of the Liaison Committee for Vietnamese in Europe for the sea and islands of Vietnam, said that this was the second time she visits Truong Sa and the DK-I Rig. Vinh is happy to witness the development in all aspects of life here.

"The change demonstrates the great determination of the Party, the State, the people, and the whole army force in defending sovereignty over the Fatherland's sacred waters," Vinh said.

Since her last trip to visit Truong Sa in 2012, overseas Vietnamese around the world have had practical activities such as establishing Hoang Sa - Truong Sa Clubs, Vietnamese Sea and Island Lovers Clubs, and the Fund for Truong Sa. They have organized conferences and exhibitions of Vietnam's islands to support and spread love for the islands and seas to the global Vietnamese community and international friends. According to Cao Hong Vinh, after the trip, each overseas Vietnamese will continue to promote their role in activities towards their beloved Truong Sa.

70 OVs Visit Truong Sa, DK-I rig on the 49th Anniversary of National Reunification
Delegates took a group photo.

Tran Thang, a Vietnamese in the USA, said that from 2013 to 2014, he collected 150 ancient maps of Hoang Sa - Truong Sa and China, and displayed them at an exhibition, held for the first time in Da Nang in January 2014. After this event, the Ministry of Information and Communications compiled documents from him and the Han Nom Institute to build the Vietnam Sea and Island Program and organize 100 exhibitions nationwide in 2014 and 2015 to spread pride in the homeland and islands among the people.

Participating in this year's visit to Truong Sa, Thang was touched because he could "Travel to feel the sacred value of the country, travel to see the beauty of Vietnam's seas and islands, and above all, witness with our own eyes the will and experience the life of the Vietnamese navy on the front lines to protect the sea and islands."

On the last day on ship 561, overseas Vietnamese delegates in Asia met to discuss the establishment of a Liaison Committee for Vietnamese people in Asia-Pacific for Vietnam's sea and islands.

Before the trip, responding to the call of the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese, the Vietnamese community in other countries actively funded the "The Whole Country Looks toward Truong Sa" program and gifts of artifacts. They gave gifts of essential items to support the life and work of the military and people of Truong Sa island district and the DK-I Rig House.

The total amount of money and goods donated in this round is worth nearly VND 1.6 billion, of which, nearly VND 850 million was donated to the "The Whole Country Looks toward Truong Sa" program, and necessities worth nearly VND 750 million were given directly to the islands and the DK-I/14 Rig House.

70 OVs Visit Truong Sa, DK-I rig on the 49th Anniversary of National Reunification
Nguyen Thi Dung, an expatriate in the Czech Republic, talks with children in Truong Sa.

Nguyen Manh Dong, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, Head of the Overseas Vietnamese Delegation, said that in recent years, the organization of working delegations to visit Truong Sa and the DK-I Rig House has made an important contribution to spreading love for the homeland, country, sea, and islands in the Viet expats community. The trips offere an opportunity for overseas people to witness firsthand the determination and achievements of the Party and State in preserving the sacred sovereignty of the country's sea and islands, thereby continuing to affirm Vietnam's sovereignty over the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagos.

This is also an opportunity for overseas Vietnamese from many parts of the world to meet and connect with each other and with people, officers, and soldiers on the islands, contributing to strengthening the national unity bloc, affirming the sentiment towards the homeland, joining hands with local residents in the cause of building, protecting, and developing Vietnam.

The visits affirm the Party and State's consistent policy of considering the Vietnamese community as an inseparable part of the nation, contributing to strengthening national solidarity and harmony, helping to raise the sense of responsibility of the local residents and Viet expats to join hands to contribute to protect the sovereignty of the homeland's seas and islands.

Previously, on April 20, 2024, many members in the Overseas Vietnamese Delegation joined the delegation to offer incense at Hung Temple on the Hung King's Death Anniversary (March 10 of the lunar calendar). The series of trips become a meaningful trip to the homeland, raising the feeling of attachment to the roots, and contributing to enhancing the national pride and self-esteem of Viet expats who live far away from their homeland.

In 11 voyages to bring overseas Vietnamese to Truong Sa held since 2012, nearly 600 overseas Vietnamese delegates from more than 40 countries and territories have visited Truong Sa and the DKI Rig house. They have had specific and practical activities during the trips. They have contributed both materially and spiritually to the homeland's islands and seas.

In terms of material donation, from 2012-2024, the overseas Vietnamese community donated to support the building of sovereign boats. They contributed to the construction of many projects on the islands and contributed to buying gifts in kind and necessities to send to the island points and DK-I Rig house with the total amount of nearly VND 30 billion.

Besides, overseas Vietnamese also established forums, Truong Sa - Hoang Sa Clubs, Funds for Vietnam's Seas and Islands in many countries such as Poland, France, South Korea, and Singapore. They have strengthened research into new measures and inventions, contributing to improving the lives of officers and soldiers on the island. They have regularly organized many seminars, and exhibitions, and composed works of literature and poetry to affirm their love for the country, contributing to strongly propagating to the Vietnamese community and the international community about Vietnam's sovereignty over the sea and islands.

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