8 places to enjoy Western dining style in Hanoi

La Salsa, Le Petit, and Don’sare luxury restaurants with European cuisine and highly appreciated in Hanoi. On weekends, choose one of the listed restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner.

La Salsa, Le Petit, and Don’sare luxury restaurants with European cuisine and highly appreciated in Hanoi. On weekends, choose one of the listed restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner.

Don’s Bistro

Despite having been opened for several years, Don’s restaurant at Quang An Street, the view to the West Lake is a favorite destination for diners at home and abroad.

Don’s don is favored because of cozy and romantic space along with melodious music playing in the restaurant.

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Don's Bistro (source: VNN)

Regarding cuisine, there are typical dishes such as: foie gras, chicken stew with red wine, grilled American beef tenderloin, Alaskan scallops, smoked Norwegian salmon, New Zealand lamb elbow stew with Pinot Noir wine, Greek-style sausage served with salad, pasta types, Mexico cakes.

Beside rich menu, the restaurant is also favored because of professional staff. In 2013, Don’s was voted among the top 50 best restaurants in Asia by The Diners Club International.

La Salsa

In a peaceful and little quiet of the Old Quarter, Nha Tho Street, Hoan Kiem District, La Salsa has become a poetic cuisine destination for those who want to enjoy specialties from France and Spain.

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La Salsa (source: VNN)

Food in La Salsa is not only delicious but also delicate, luxurious and romantic space of European style. The entire two floors of the restaurant are designed in a same tune like a quaint old French house.

Along with dishes with European taste like beef, lamb, burgers, bacon, certainly you will return when visiting here.

El Gaucho Steakhouse

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El Gaucho Steakhouse (source: VNN)

El Gaucho Steakhouse is located at 99 Xuan Dieu Street, one of the luxury restaurants with Argentine style.

First impression of EL Gaucho is warm tone from brick walls and furniture that a friendly feeling to customers.

Food and drink in Argentine style: steak, soup, lamb, potatoes, scrumptious wine. Another plus is the good serving attitude of the staff: always affable and polite.

La Badiane

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La Badiane (source: VNN)

The French restaurant La Badiane at 10 Nam Ngu street is famous for its decoration and service manner of the staff.

The tranquility of La Badiane can be felt right from entering. The restaurant has a small path leading into the sunlit courtyard,where you can feel the fresh air of nature. Unlike other restaurants, La Badiane does not serve customers with food retail.

The restaurant sorts dishes into appropriate sets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each set consists of many different components with fixed price. The set of grilled tasty Australian beef French-style is an outstanding specialty.

Au Delice

The French restaurant Au Delice is outstanding with ancient French architecture, located on Ngo Thi Nham Street.

The restaurant has two floors. Each floor is decorated with delicate white tablecloths and luxury wooden furniture.

The 2nd floor has a balcony overlooking the church and viewing from high at night.

The menu at the restaurant Au Délice has a variety of imported foods, fish, cheese, cold meat, along with many wines from Europe.

Le Petit Bruxelles

Belgium Le Petit restaurant was opened in 2003 and is located at the beginning of Au Trieu Street. The restaurant started more than 10 years ago; hence it resonates in the hearts of diners who have been here.

Le Petit is designed in accordance with European style and Belgium servers, especially beers from Belgium. The bar space is pided into two parts including indoor and outdoor; outside is a professional bar ready to serve any drinks, inside for those who want to dine at the restaurant.

Le Petit drinks is famous for Belgian beer and cocktails, and moreover, dishes like minced meat, beef, chicken or beef cooked in tomato sauce are also favored by a lot of diners.

Pots’n Pan Restaurant & Bar

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Pots’n Pans Restaurant & Bar (source: VNN)

A restaurant-bar located on Bui Thi Xuan, Pots’n Pans Restaurant & Bar is an ideal destination for families and friends.

Food in the restaurant is cooked by a famous chef Michelin Star- Chef Felix Eppisser together with professional chefs and staff.

Moreover, the restaurant has a luxurious space and sophisticated interior decor, rich menu and professional service. You can enjoy European cuisine and melodious music here.

La Verticale

La Verticale is located in a four-storey French villa which was built in 1930 on Ngo Van So Street. The restaurant was opened two years ago by a foreign chef who has many years of experience working at the Metropole Hotel with Didier Corlou.

The food and the design of the restaurant shows culinary culture of France and Vietnam. Some French-style dishes such as foie gras steamed with fresh tropical fruits, duck dishes: braised, roasted. Guests can also observe chefs in an open kitchen on the ground floor.

1st floor and 2nd floor are places where guests dine while the terrace is an ideal place to drink coffee outdoors. All floors are decorated simply but in a sophisticated style./.


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