Artsy Gift Ideas for Women's Day Across Vietnam

These ideas might be just what you are looking for to spend a spectacular Women's Day with your loved ones.
March 08, 2024 | 09:50
Artistic Gift Ideas for Women's Day Across Vietnam

1. "Nhanh Huong Xua" Art Exhibition (Ho Chi Minh City)

Artistic Presents for Women's Day Across Vietnam
Women wearing ao dai, traditional musical instruments and flowers are always the main themes in the works of artist Tu Duyen (Photo: ANNAM GALLERY).

"Nhanh Huong Xua" (Of Scented Reverie) exhibits 18 artworks of the masterful painter Tu Duyen (1915-2012). They are creations on silk as well as hand-stamped paintings made by Tu Duyen throughout his career. Inspired by traditional painting know-hows, Tu Duyen's most famous technique is known as "Thu An Hoa," which he developed and refined over 80 years ago.

The aesthetic of "Nhanh Huong Xua" is perfect for those who look for a nostalgic, gentle and poetic space, with artworks of various flowers alongside beautiful Vietnamese women wearing Ao Dai and playing traditional musical instruments. Flowers and flower motif presents are popular gifts for women on their special day like March 8. This exhibition will be even more special because you can spend time immersed in a flower garden with beauty, music, and art portrayed skillfully by the late artist.

The exhibition will run until March 31 at Annam Gallery (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City).

2. Street Artists Gallery Exhibition (Da Nang City)

Artistic Presents for Women's Day Across Vietnam
(Photo: @nam_jam_festival)

The second one on this list is an entirely different gift idea for International Women's Day, but just as exciting! From March 6-9, at Da Nang Fine Art Museum (Da Nang City), the "Nam Jam International Street Artists Exhibition" will take place. This is a group show, the first of its kind, to celebrate local urban artistry. It aims to bring the dynamic spirit of Nam Jam's talented mural artists to the heart of the beautiful city of Da Nang.

The painters showed off their art since March 4 and will continue to paint until completion on March 10. Over 50 foreign & Vietnamese artists with the shared mission to create some of the biggest murals in the world. For those who are art lovers and love to explore the captivating world of street art, joining Nam Jam to immerse in a fusion of culture, creativity, and community will be a perfect way to celebrate March 8.

The exhibition is also part of the Nam Jam Festival, where you can experience street markets and activities like trying foods & drinks, joining music and art workshops, cheering for hip hop, skateboarding competitions, walking tours, and meet-ups with mural artists.

3. "Nhung Canh Hong Bay - Cong Chua Xiec Viet Nam" Performance (Hanoi)

Artistic Presents for Women's Day Across Vietnam

Female circus artists of the Central Circus Theater are named "Vietnamese Circus Princess" in their latest art show "Nhung Canh Hong Bay - Cong Chua Xiec Viet Nam" ("Flying Rose Petals - Vietnamese Circus Princess"). Although this is an annual show of the Vietnamese Circus Federation, this year's program is completely newly staged, with excellent female artists who are winners of prestigious prizes at domestic and foreign circus festivals in 2023. Being an audience of this show, you can witness the talents and charisma of the artists. The women on the stage and off the stage can celebrate together with dazzling performances.

There are 3 special shows taking place from March 8 to 10. This can be considered a creative way to spend Women's Day with your family members of all ages. The show will bring beautiful memories for grandmothers, moms, and daughters.

4. Hanoi Opera House Night Tour (Hanoi)

Artistic Presents for Women's Day Across Vietnam

A brand new music venue opened at the heart of Vietnam's capital and it is none other than the Hanoi Opera House and its night tour "Music Garden". Taking your date on this night tour will be ideal for an emotional and romantic getaway after a long busy day.

"Music Garden" is an attraction that combines natural scenery, light and music for your evening entertainment. The outdoor space of Hanoi Opera House, the main stage of the "Music Garden", is transformed into an art space that brings many emotions to music lovers. As you enjoy the music performances on stage, the surrounding area also set a relaxing atmosphere with a classic fountain statue, candlelights, refreshments and so on. There are many options for music lovers when coming to the night tour. The most popular is the 7:30PM-10PM show with classical and modern music performances.

To enjoy this unique music space before the night falls, there are the 9AM-12PM show and the 1PM-6PM show. The morning and afternoon shows feature a combination of traditional and classical musical instruments, creating a one-of-a-kind fusion experience to both local and foreign audiences.

5. "Me Yeu Con" Photograph Exhibition (Hanoi)

Artistic Presents for Women's Day Across Vietnam
The exhibition "Me Yeu Con" features 30 photos from Le Bich's 20-year-old collection (Photo:

The exhibition "Me Yeu Con" by photographer Le Bich is a special event to commemorate Women's Day organized by the Vietnamese Women's Museum. According to the organizing committee, for two special occasions in March, which is International Women's Day (March 8) and International Day of Happiness (March 20), Le Bich brings together photos of mothers and children in many different settings.

The photographer shared that mother's love is an endless source of inspiration for artists. He captures touching moments of mother-child love in everyday life, no matter if it is in the middle of the desert or just in a tiny kitchen in a Vietnamese highland. The viewers can observe from this exhibition that the beauty a woman holds comes from strength, care, and love.

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