ASEAN Press Applauds Vietnam's Organization of 31st SEA Games

ASEAN media appreciates all the preparations made by Vietnam ahead of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31).
May 11, 2022 | 22:21
ASEAN Press Applauds Vietnam's Organization of 31st SEA Games
SEA Games 31. Photo: PLVN

According to the Bernama news agency, Malaysia, the Organizing Committee of the 31st Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam is currently trying to complete all the preparations ahead of the SEA Games 31.

The Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) take place every two years and this event has been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. SEA Games 31 will be held from May 12 to 23 in the capital Hanoi, 10 neighboring provinces and cities.

However, some sports such as football and diving took place before the opening day. About a week earlier, some renovation and infrastructure works were being completed at several locations.

Bernama reporters visited the SEA Games Main Press Center (MPC) located at the Vietnam International Convention Center last week, and noted that the work here is gradually being completed. The support team is cleaning up and completing the installation of necessary equipment.

The Main Press Center can accommodate more than 100 media and press staff at the same time. It is considered to have been arranged reasonably. Hundreds of laptops have also been prepared to support the press and media during the SEA Games.

At MPC, there is also a relaxing corner for media and press teams after a busy day at work. MPC will also provide free food and drinks here.

Reporters of Bernama also came to My Dinh Water Sport Palace last week. They found that the preparations around the site had been completed.

The completion of facilities has entered the final step before the diving event held last Sunday. Reporters of this news agency were excited to see the swimming pool and diving pool located separately but in the same building. Both pools are equipped with new equipment and are considered the best diving sites in Southeast Asia.

ASEAN Press Applauds Vietnam's Organization of 31st SEA Games
Hanoi wants to introduce a friendly and safe image on the occasion of the upcoming 31st SEA Games. Photo: Ngoc Thang

In addition, Thien Truong Stadium, Nam Dinh, where the group B football matches are held, has received special attention from the media and foreign coaches.

Right at the meeting of the leaders of Group B teams, Cambodia coach Ryu Hirose appreciated the preparation of the local organizers, especially Thien Truong Stadium. Ryu Hirose also gave a good review of the football pitch and facilities.

Coach Michael Weis of Laos U-23 team said he was surprised by the news that Nam Dinh football fans will print flags and wear shirts bearing the Lao flag to the field to cheer for his players. He believes that is a great motivation for them to perform well.

Coach Brad Maloney of Malaysia U-23 and coach Nazri Nasir of Singapore said that SEA Games football, especially without a host, normally would take place in a simple field. However, this time the Group B teams played in a professional field with a multi-seat stand.

500 foreign reporters come to Vietnam for SEA Games 31

Vice Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Doan Khac Viet, said that according to statistics, up to now, nearly 500 foreign reporters have been licensed to register.

They mostly registered through the National Olympic Committee. Some registered directly through the website of the Organizing Committee.

Viet said that the 31st SEA Games is also a great and valuable opportunity for Vietnam. After a long time of the pandemic, our country has few opportunities to welcome international friends, especially foreign press to directly visit, attend events, learn about the Vietnamese people and country.

The 31st SEA Games will convey the good images of Vietnam in its efforts to open up and its determination to recover from the pandemic.

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