AWCH: 7-year Journey Connecting Women

The Honorary President of the ASEAN Community Women's Circle of Hanoi (AWCH) recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. AWCH connects the women of Vietnam with women from other ASEAN countries, establishing important international relations.
March 10, 2022 | 08:49
AWCH: 7-year Journey Connecting Women
AWCH members and partners visit the rose garden. Photo: WVR

ASEAN Community Women's Circle of Hanoi (AWCH) was established on 11/8/2015. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam on the official establishment of the ASEAN Community (December 31, 2015) and 20 years of Vietnam's accession to ASEAN (July 28, 1995-July 28, 2015).

AWCH's activities aim to create a bridge between the women of ASEAN countries and ASEAN's partner countries in Vietnam. It tightens the solidarity and friendship among ASEAN members, between ASEAN and international partners.

Since 2018, AWCH has built a network with 24 expanded members. In the community, there are a number of domestic women's organizations such as the Vietnam Women's Union, Vietnam Association For Women Entrepreneurs, Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women, wives of Ambassadors, heads of representative offices of 19 countries and international organizations in Vietnam, which are partners of ASEAN.

Honorary President of the ASEAN Community Women's Circle of Hanoi (AWCH) Vu Thi Bich Ngoc said: For ASEAN, AWCH's activities contribute to strengthen the image and identity of the ASEAN Community in Vietnam. For Vietnam, through AWCH, we share with international friends the pride of the country, culture and people of Vietnam. We introduce potential, traditional industries of Vietnam to ASEAN and international friends.

AWCH also aims to provide practical support to disadvantaged people in Vietnam, especially women and children.

Since its establishment, AWCH has constantly strengthened its role as a bridge of friendship and cooperation between Vietnamese women and ASEAN women, between ASEAN women and international friends through many activities.

There are cultural exchange activities such as tea parties organized by the wives of Ambassadors of different countries; cooking classes led by Vietnamese culinary artisans, international food festivals to raise funds to help poor children and women, contribute to building infrastructures, renovating schools.

In addition, there are also activities to strengthen the cohesion of the ASEAN community in Vietnam such as the programs "Learn about Vietnam" and "ASEAN Family Day".

There are opportunities to meet with female leaders of the Party and State, visits to traditional craft villages, business establishments, enterprises led by women or having many female employees.

In addition to the participation of AWCH members, the community received the response and participation of wives, female officials at embassies, representative offices in Vietnam and women working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

AWCH has strengthened the role of the wives of Vietnamese Ambassadors in introducing Vietnam's culture, people, traditional products to international friends. This contributes to gender equality and enhancing the role of women in diplomacy.

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