Catching Sunset At Lap An Lagoon

Lap An lagoon, which is located in Phu Loc, is the most beautiful in its sunset time, when the sun is about descend the mountain and the light slowly fades, creating a poetic scenery.
June 21, 2023 | 11:11

Located along National Highway 1A, passing Lang Co town in Phu Loc district and about 40km from Da Nang city, Lap An Lagoon (also known as An Cu Lagoon) is not only famous for its source of flesh seafood but also the majestic beauty of the Hue region.

Photo: MIA
Photo: MIA

Lap An Lagoon is a brackish water area with a surface of more than 800 hectares extending from the foot of Phu Gia pass to the mouth of Hai Van Sea, surrounded by the Bach Ma range.

At different times, Lap An Lagoon has a different beauty. From April to July, the atmosphere is cool with little rain and a lot of sunshine that brings an extraordinary sight for travelers to admire. If they have a chance to see the sunset here, it will be an unforgettable experience that they have ever had in their journey.

Photo: MIA
Photo: MIA

Tourists traveling from the city center of Hue to Lap An Lagoon have several types of transportation to choose from, among which the two most popular are private cars and motorbikes. If tourists want to ride their motorbikes to the lagoon, it will take them more than 2 hours to reach this destination. If they go in a large group and want to cut down on travel time, it is highly recommended that they hire a private car to go there.

Visitors traveling by motorbike can choose from three main routes:

Route 1: Take the route through Doi Cung - Ben Nghe - Hung Vuong - An Duong Vuong - Nguyen Tat Thanh - National Highway 1A.

Route 2: Lang Co Town - Vi Thu An Street - Lap An Lagoon

Route 3: National Highway - Ly Thanh Tong Street - Phuoc Tuong tunnel

Photo: tcdulichtphcm
Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Lap An Lagoon possesses a poetic beauty, surrounded by mountains and hills, and the water stream that flows through the place. Every spot at Lap An Lagoon can be a stunning background for unique photography, and tourists should bring a camera to capture all the beautiful moments in this lagoon.

When the tides recede, a walking path covered with white sand suddenly appears like magic in front of tourists’ eyes. This beautiful and melancholy turning road is also a "romantic" experience, drawing a lot of young travelers here to take stunning photo check-ins.

Photo: tcdulichtphcm
Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Another must-try activity is watching the sunset and sunrise and capturing these spectacular moments. When dusk comes, the entire lagoon appears to be tinged with an extremely fantastical deep blue, while the sky's colors are a combination of plum red, deep purple, and light yellow. On the contrary, Lap An Lagoon is covered by thin fog and golden rays of sunlight at dawn, making it look like a fairyland on Earth. Because of its splendor and magnificence, the sunrise on this lagoon has left numerous tourists in awe.

As the water of Lap An Lagoon is brackish, it creates a favorable condition for locals to raise numerous types of seafood, including lobsters, crabs, mackerels, and blood cockles. It is highly recommended that tourists try steamed seafood at Lap An Lagoon to enjoy the wonderful taste of freshly caught seafood here.

Photo: tcdulichtphcm
Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Besides grilled oysters, tourists should not miss out on the chance to enjoy grilled sea fish when visiting Lap An Lagoon. With a special processing method developed by the locals, grilled sea fish dishes here not only keep the fish completely fresh but also offer a lot of nutrients.

The natural sweetness of the sea fish will be preserved while its smelly flavor will be removed. Being served with specific sauces, the taste, and aroma of grilled sea fish here are immensely enticing.

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