Concert to celebrate traditional German and Vietnamese music

On October 2, the Dao Minh Quang foundation in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Hanoi will host an event to celebrate german and vietnamese music with german-vietnamese chamber music ‘german-vietnamese melodies’.

Concert to celebrate traditional German and Vietnamese music

The concert consists of three parts: Vietnamese works, chants of Đào Minh Quang and german works. The start of the event is “Trở về đất mẹ“ (return to motherland), a composition of Nguyen Van Thuong, Thang Long Band and musicians Huyen Trung and Minh Hieu.

In the first part – vietnamese works typical and traditional vietnamese folk songs and music is being played using ethnic instruments: Solo Cò lả (northvietnamese folk music), solo Đàn tranh (vietnamese arched zither), Xuân quê hương (Xuan Khai), solo Đàn Nhị (Erhu) Đào Liễu (Nhạc Chèo) and solo Đàn Tỳ Bà (a vietnamese pluck instrument) Khỏa nước sông trăng (Diệu Thảo).

In the second part – chants of Đào Minh Quang Dr. Đào will invoke the longing for returning home and the love of music with his chants: Trở về dòng sông tuổi thơ (return to motherland), Câu hò bên bến Hiền Lương (longing at the bank of Hiền Lương river by Hoàng Hiệp, and Solveigs Lied (Edvard Grieg).

In the third part – german works some german folk music and music pieces and also a combination of vietnamese-german music will be played, like O Tannenbaum, Du trägst ein´grünen Zweig (german folk song), Solo Đàn Bầu (vietnamese one string box zither) Hãy lên xe ngựa vàng and Lý ngựa ô Nam Bộ (High up on the yellow chariot and Ly ngua o).

The idea of the concept, to have traditional instruments like the Đàn Bầu, Đàn Nhị, Đàn Tỳ Bà, Đàn Tranh and / or the Tam Thập Lục at the staging and in combination with modern instruments, accompanied by the fact that there are young vietnamese musicians and artists who participate, singing choir in both languages and with this being supported, Mr Dr. Đào Minh Quang wants to show his love and his gratitude towards all citizens, friends and teachers of his first and his second home Vietnam and Germany.

Participants of the concert are: Thang Long Band, music director Huyen Trung, drummer Minh Hiếu, Ngẫu Nhiên Band as well as Bích Ngọc, Dr. Đào Minh Quang and presenter Hong Nhung.

The project ‚german-vietnamese melodies‘ is being supported by Đào Minh Quang foundation, organized and realized in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Hanoi.

The Đào Minh Quang foundation does only pursue nonprofit purposes. It has been approved as a justiciable foundation of civil law on 21st December 2016. Its purpose is to support and foster the developmental cooperation between Germany and Vietnam by five main tasks which are education in schools, academic education, the lasting establishing of companies and startups in Vietnam, and music and culture as well as cultural and musical exchange between the countries.

Founder and chairman is Dr. Đào Minh Quang. Since its establishing the Dao Minh Quang foundation had supported and funded numerous projects in Germany and Vietnam. Amongst others many pupils and students with excellent efforts have been and are supported with scholarships. They are pupils and students of the five universities of Hanoi, both primary and secondary schools in the community of Trung Vuong, Viet Tri, Phu Tho, the home of the foundation starter.

Dr. Đào Minh Quang was born in Vietnam and has been working and living for a long time in Germany now. He lived through ups and downs in his life and can now look back at a solid and successful career in many different businesses. Although he is far away from his first home, his soul and heart will always remain at his origins, his motherland. He wants to fulfill his wishes by contributing a little bit of support to society.

Even if Dr. Đào Minh Quang has a lot to do, his love and passion for music, especially for traditional vietnamese music will always be there.

Thang Long is a band which specified on vietnamese traditional music. It was established in 2008 by talented and famous musicians and artists, which have studied at prestigious music and arts institutions of Vietnam. Vietnamese traditional music is an important foundation of the musical accomplishments of the music group Thanh Long. On this foundation the group wants to present important music pieces with traditional instruments in combination of modern music in Vietnam and other countries.

With their accomplishments the Group Rang Long did participate in many important national and internation music events and arts and cultures programs like: The thousand years long Thang Long fest, the international Arts festival in Hue, Indoor Games in Vietnam, arts festival in South-east Asia, Korea and Vietnam culture day in many countries./.

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