Coronavirus latest news, March 31: A 71-year-old British patient in Vietnam recovered and discharged

On Tuesday morning, March 31, the world has recoreded 785,712 infections and 37,814 deaths , also 165,606 recoveries. The Covid-19 disease has spread to 200 countries and territorries. In Vietnam, the number of infections continues increasing to the total 203 cases, but 55 recovered and no deaths reported.
March 31, 2020 | 10:06

On this Tuesday morning, 31 March, the Covid-19 patient No 49 , 71 years old, British nationality, discharged from the National Hospital in Hue after his 2 week treatment.

coronavirus latest news march 31 the world saw unstoppable increase of deaths daily how to deal
British patient is discharing from the hospital (Photo: Thanh Xuan/ VNE)

The British patient ( Case 49) discharged from the hospital this morning on 31 March after his 2 week treatment in Hue National Hospital, making the recovered cases up to the total 56 in Vietnam.

His wife - the Case 30- is still being treated in the quarantined area.

The lucky man would like to say thanks to doctors and staffs taking care and curing him and his wife during last 2 weeks.

Doctor Nhu Hiep - Director of Hue National Hospital said that the patient tested 2 time negative, good health status and eligible based on MoH's standards to discharge from the hospital. During the treatment, he showed no signs of fever, cough or less breath.

After leaving the hospital, the man is keeping in the quanrantine in the Sun&Sea resort in Phu Vang for more 14 day medical monitoring.

coronavirus latest news march 31 the world saw unstoppable increase of deaths daily how to deal
A doctor sets up medical equipment at a field hospital for treating Covid-19 patient in HCMC, February 10, 2020. Photo by VnExpres

The US has stayed the same its highest number of infections in the world, with 164,248 infections and 3,164 deaths,

New York, was reported as the most serious epicenter in the US, has recorded more than 60,000 infections and 1000 deaths of nCoV.

President Donald Trump announced on 29 March that the whole country would be extended social distancing until April 30 and expressed his concern about dead number might increase by 100,000.

Italy confirmed the number of deaths by 11,591

The number of deaths in Italy was reported the highest in the world with the rate by 11% and was 2 or 3 time higher than the global rate, among of 101,739 infections.

Italy National Medical Institute (ISS) informed that the average age of deaths was 78,5 and the youngest at 31, the oldest at 103. 41% of deaths was at the age of 80-89 and another 35% at the age of 70-79. The aging population and overload hospital caused the special high rate of deaths in the country.

Spain has surpassed China to becom the third epicenter in the world after its confirmation of 87,956 infections and 7,716 deaths.

Germany the third epicenter of Europe, following only Italy and Spain, but the deade rate by 0,9%.

Iran is still the second epicenter in Asia, only folllowing China mainland with 41,495 infections and 2,757 deaths.

In South East Asia:

Malaysia is considered the most serious epicenter in ASEAN with 2,626 infections and 37 deaths. But, Indonesia is the most dead epicenter in the area with 122 deaths among 1,414 infections. .

Thailand and the Philippines both recorded more 1,500 infections but only 9 deaths in Thailand and much more than in the Philippines with 78 deaths.

Covid-19 has invaded all 11 member states in ASEAN community.

Today March 31 morning, Vietnam has recorded the total 204 infections with no any deaths. Among the total infections, 55 cases have been reported recovery and almost of them discharged from hospitals. the other 146 were treated in 22 medial center nationwide and in good health status, only 3 remains in serious conditions due to their age over 70.

coronavirus latest news march 31 the world saw unstoppable increase of deaths daily how to deal
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