"Dragon's Eye" Island in the Heart of Ha Long Bay

Dragon Eye Island, whether viewed from afar or near, has an irresistible charm.
October 21, 2022 | 09:17
Photo: vietnam_travel_media

Ha Long Bay - the result of thousands of years of tectonic activities, is the pride of Vietnam's tourism. It has a magnificent landscape formed by many beautiful islands. Each island in Ha Long Bay has its own charm, and Dragon Eye Island is one of them.

Photo: vietnam_travel_media

Dragon Eye Island is not crowded with tourists but is as famous as Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Me Cung Cave, and Thien Cung Cave. This island has only been put into use for tourism purposes in recent years, so it still retains the wild and other interesting things.

Dragon Eye Island is located in the south of Ha Long Bay, near the sea adjacent to Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba, Hai Phong). This place is also known as Bai Dong island.

The island has an area of ​​about 30 hectares, has a bow shape, and is shielded by two large rocky mountains. It is surrounded by fine white sand and green primeval forest with flora lining the beach and steep cliffs.

Photo: vietnam_travel_media

The main highlight of this island, and also the reason for the name Dragon Eye, is the green lake, nestled between rocky mountains and primeval forests. When viewed from above, the island resembles a dragon's head with a round lake on one side that looks like a dragon's eye. Also because of this unique shape, people have named this place Dragon's Eye Island. The jade-green water of this "dragon's eyes" helps the island stand out from the rest of Ha Long Bay.

The road to the place is quite safe, from the pier, visitors can cross the forest road about 100 meters to reach Dragon Eye Lake. If viewed from above, the massiveness and unique structure of the lake is awe-inspiring and somewhat overwhelming, but when visitors approach it from a closer angle, the clear, blue water can be seen. The bottom of the lake brings an indescribable feeling of peace and joy.

Photo: vietnam_travel_media

Perhaps from the moment, tourists arrive at Dragon Eye Island, the fresh air, sounds, and colors of this island can make visitors feel instantly refreshed.

The calm sandy beaches welcome the rhythmic waves lapping the shore, followed by the clear, blue, and poetic seawater. Along with the sound of the waves, the birds lurking in the nearby groves also often chirp along with the wind, echoing in a corner of the sky. These natural elements add to the wild, pristine beauty of Dragon's Eye Island.

With no smoke and no engine noise, Dragon Eye Island can help visitors connect with nature and temporarily relieve their daily worries. An attractive feature of the island is known as the "dragon pearl" in the heart of this Ha Long Bay, an experience that visitors should not miss if given the opportunity. They are able to enjoy that feeling of being completely immersed in nature.

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