FOUR PAWS Viet rescues 7 bile bears

FOUR PAWS Viet’s biggest bile bear rescue to date was highly successful. The team arrived at the mega bear farm in Vietnam to rescue six bears on September 20.

FOUR PAWS Viet rescues 7 bile bears

FOUR PAWS Viet is bringing these 7 bears to their new home at our Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh and change their lives forever. Photo provided by FOUR PAWS Viet

One other bear - Bac Ha lives on a private estate and has known nothing but the bars of her cage since she was a cub. September 19 was her lucky day. FOUR PAWS Viet’s rescue team was able to empty her cage and perform a vet check on the spot.

All seven of them walked into their transport crates, with the help of honey, very calmly. Now Thia La, Thom, James, Ot , Mui, Hung and Bac Ha are on their 1600km long journey to happiness.

Once they have arrived at the Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh, they will get a proper vet check at the clinic facilities. 7 former bile bears will soon start their new lives in a species-appropriated environment.

From FOUR PAWS’ point of view, wild animals should live in the wild, free from human influence. Wild animals should not be captured or bred for economic benefit. If living under human influence is not avoidable, keeping conditions must be appropriate to the species needs.

The Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh is a FOUR PAWS' solution in the mutual effort to end bear farming in Vietnam, contributing to the prevention of bear hunting and trading to help conserve the remaining bear populations in the wild. In parallel with animal rescue and caretaking, the sanctuary is a practical education centre for changing awareness on environmental protection and nature conservation. Education tourism on wildlife conservation is the focus of tourist activities at the Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh./.


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