Free tours offered to international press to promote Vietnamese tourism

Việt Nam’s National Tourism Administration (VNAT) sees the DPRK-USA Summit, with the participation of nearly 3,000 international reporters, as a great opportunity for Vietnamese tourism promotion, VNAT Vice Chairman Hà Văn Siêu said during a press conference on Monday in Hà Nội.
May 14, 2019 | 08:54

Free tours offered to international press to promote Vietnamese tourism

Visitors at Én Cave in Quảng Bình Province with flags of the DPRK, USA and Việt Nam. The DPRK-USA Summit, with the participation of nearly 3,000 international reporters, is a great opportunity for Vietnamese tourism promotion. — VNA Photo

“Việt Nam and Hà Nội are proud to host the second summit between Chairman Kim Jong-un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and President Donald J Trump of the United States of America,” he said.

“Hà Nội is receiving extensive coverage on international media as a unique, safe and friendly destination which possesses proven ability of hosting a wide range of significant world-class events over the past years. This creates favourable conditions to attract more international tourists to Việt Nam.”

Vũ Thế Bình, vice chairman of the Việt Nam Tourism Association (VTA), said reporters from around the world have come to Việt Nam to report on the summit and they will also report on other cultural and social aspects of Hà Nội and Việt Nam.

“The event is bringing very good opportunities for tourism businesses, especially for the hotels and restaurants which are lucky to be chosen to serve this summit will likely enjoy a significant growth in revenue and profit during the event days. Moreover, with the proven prestige and service quality after the event, these businesses will also have great chance to develop and serve more international and domestic tourists.”

Good offer

Many travel agents and companies are working with the VNAT to offer free tour packages to international journalists, including Hanoitourist, Saigontourist, Transviet, Vietrantour and Hanoi Red Tour.

International reporters can join free tours everyday from February 27 to March 2 to discover the culture and destinations of Việt Nam such as Đường Lâm Village, Thầy Pagoda, the Quintessence of Tonkin art performance, Tràng An Complex and Hà Nội tours.

Nguyễn Tiến Đạt, vice director of the TransViet Company, said he will not miss this chance to introduce the destinations and tourism products of Việt Nam, especially meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) tourism.

“If we do it well, each foreign journalist can be an ambassador of tourism to help promote the image of Việt Nam to the world through leading media, social networking sites and websites, attracting millions of people following and spreading it to their friends and relatives.

“International reporters will have the chance to directly explore destinations and experience the distinctive tourism products and services of Hà Nội and Việt Nam as well,” he said.

Nguyễn Công Hoan, vice director of HanoiRedTour Company, suggested the VNAT arrange spaces to introduce Vietnamese tourism and cuisine at the International Media Centre (IMC).

“I am afraid that the schedule of the foreign journalists is very tight, so we can arrange tours with short duration as well as present Vietnamese food at the dining area of the IMC.”

Actions by the VNAT

Vice Chairman Siêu told Việt Nam News that the best conditions have been prepared for the summit.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) has requested cultural facilities in Hà Nội to clean up and welcome and guide reporters during the event.

The VNAT has also asked Hà Nội, other localities and service providers to strengthen supervision of service quality, ensuring the best quality services for delegations, international reporters and tourists.

VNAT has also worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to provide information on tourism online, connecting the website with the registration page for international media run by MOFA.

All reporters will receive Vietnamese gifts such as Đông Hồ paintings, conical hats, the mascot Tễu of Vietnamese water puppetry and travel vouchers.

After the event, the VNAT has developed a post-summit promotional plan in the US, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

“Images of this summit will become documents to promote Vietnamese tourism in the future,” said Siêu.

Vice Chairman Bình revealed that North Korea will be a special guest of the Việt Nam International Travel Mart for the first time.

“Receiving the invitation of the VNAT, North Korea will have a booth presenting its destinations and culture and host a press conference to introduce tourism,” he said./.


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