Hanoi given new facelift to welcome 13th National Party Congress

Banners, flowers and flags can be seen everywhere, especially main streets in Hanoi, to welcome the upcoming 13th National Party Congress. The whole city looks fresh and vibrant as if it just worn a new coat.
vietnam news today january 20 nearly 1600 delegates to attend 13th national party congress Vietnam News Today (January 20): Nearly 1,600 delegates to attend 13th National Party Congress
the 13th national party congress to be attended 1587 delegates The 13th National Party Congress to be attended 1,587 delegates
national congress of vietnam peace committee held in hanoi National Congress of Vietnam Peace Committee held in Hanoi
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It’s just a week from the opening of the 13th Party Congress. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
1927 2
To date, most of streets in Hanoi are decorated with colourful flowers and flags to welcome the upcoming 13th National Party Congress. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
1945 3
The whole city is filled with red colour of flags and flowers in celebration for the upcoming 13th National Party Congress. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2001 4
The 13th National Party Congress will be held from January 25, 2021 to February 2, 2021 in Hanoi. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2018 5
Big size panels and slogans are shown in the city’s main streets and crossroads to welcome the important political event. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2034 6
Decoration work had been basically completed as of January 19 (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2052 7
Red flags brighten the streets. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2107 8
Workers at Lenin Garden have completed decoration works for the important event. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2123 9
Previously, in order to serve the 13th National Party Congress, the People's Committee of Hanoi assigned the Hanoi Department of Construction to coordinate with relevant agencies to review the city’s preparation works for the congress, including embellishing the urban areas, improving lighting systems, and environmental sanitation, among other (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2146 10
Decorations for the event have been basically completed in districts, communes, and townships, including along major streets and the headquarters of centrally-run and Hanoi agencies. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2202 11
The streets of Hanoi’s downtown, especially in Ba Dinh district, are carefully decorated and clean, being ready to welcome the delegates who will arrive in the capital for the important meeting. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2224 12
Hanoi appears to be more resplendent and colorful than ever to welcome the most important and significant political event of the year. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2248 13
The jubilant atmosphere to welcome the 13th Party Congress is seen everywhere, from offices, historical relic sites, and cultural spots in the capital city (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2305 14
Posters and banners are installed in the area of Nguyen Chi Thanh street. (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2322 15
Streets are filled with red colours of flags (Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
2339 19
(Photo: Minh Son/Vietnamplus)
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