How to Enjoy Your Spring Trip to Mua Cave

Check out Ninh Binh's latest hot spot: Mua Cave - the special scene in the ancient capital.
March 08, 2022 | 18:24
Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Amazing Ninh Binh

International tourists know Hanoi and Halong Bay in the north. Some know about Sapa. Yet, tourists from outside of Vietnam never seem to know about Ninh Binh. It seems that way anyway. The holy land of the North" or "The Great Wall of Vietnam" - Hang Múa is calling your name and now it is your turn to respond!

Community living in harmony with nature

Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Hoa Hoc Tro

This Ninh Binh destination is a wondrous place, full of towering limestone mountains. Many compare it to a kind of inland Halong Bay where the locals are friendly and kind, the accommodation is nice and last but not least, the views are spectacular.

Mua Cave belongs to Hoa Lu ancient capital complex with many other scenic spots in Ninh Binh such as Trang An eco-tourism area, Bai Dinh pagoda, Tam Coc Bich Dong... All are much loved by domestic and foreign tourists.

Only 90 km from Hanoi, the Mua Cave is the great destination that Vietnam Times would like to recommend for you if you want to snap breathtaking photos.

Nature is in abundance here. You can count on the four seasons of flowers and the animal diversity around the attractions in Ninh Binh city.

Ninh Bình Cave
National park areas spreads before your gaze. Crystal clear rivers and streams flow everywhere give a sense of peace and harmony. Photo: My tour

The mountains and rice paddies captivate every nature lover. It might sounds cliché but Mua Cave in Ninh Binh truly is a hidden gem!!!

The destination requires you to work your way up the top for the best view. Visitors climb up to 486 stone steps simulating the architecture of the Great Wall.

The thrill of conquering a heaven on earth is the reward when you erach the top of Mua mountain.

On the top of the mountain with a statue of Buddha, a dragon welcomes the brave ones are the highlights of this landscape.

Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Hoa Hoc Tro

Accommodation owners here also take good care of the surrounding, which adds to the tourist experience. The "fairy scene" at the landscape at the foot of the ancient mountain is an example. You will find many photogenic spots such as a giant cactus garden, an artificial waterfall, a phoenix tree growing in the middle of the house.

Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Hoa Hoc Tro

The magnificent lotus lake in Hang Mua is also the favorite place for tourists when coming to Ninh Binh.

Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Hoa Hoc Tro

This is the largest lotus lake, where lotus blooming almost all year round and tourists can take a walk on the heart-shaped wooden path in the middle of the lotus lake.

At the foot of Mua mountain are attractions built with diverse architecture, especially creating a harmonious highlight between nature and man-made beauty. This place is also known as one of the most beautiful resorts in Ninh Binh.

For history enthusiasts, Mua Cave is an ideal place to learn the legend from the Tran Dynasty, adding meaningful values to the already much thrilling trip.

Ninh Bình Cave
Photo: Hoa Hoc Tro

Ninh Binh cuisine is also a tourist attraction with famous dishes of the ancient capital here such as rice with goat meat, dishes made from goat meat or lotus flowers picked from the famous lotus lake.

Mua Cave is your perfect destination for March - April! The ancient capital of Ninh Binh also has much to offer so be sure to spend at least 2 days here.

Ninh Bình Cave
This Spring, grab your camera, call up your friend group and come to Mua Cave!Photo: Vietravel
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