Indian Folk Dance Spreads Message of Love in Vietnam

On March 31, at Hong Ha Theater (Yen Bai City), a Vietnam - India art exchange program took place on the occasion of the 52nd founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries (1972 - 2024). The program was organized by the People's Committee of Yen Bai in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Vietnam.
April 03, 2024 | 12:26
(Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper)
A Vietnam-India art exchange program in Yen Bai province was held on March 31 (Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper).

The program includes 5 performances from the famous Indian folk dance troupe Pratibha Kala Kendra. Throughout the program, the artists combine elements such as dance, acting, and music to tell stories about Indian culture and customs.

The colorful performances are praised for their sophisticated choreographies, joyful tunes, and colorful clothes. Each dance performance tells different stories revolving around the life and love of Lord Krishna and Radha as well as the traditional beauty of Indian folk culture - Holi Festival.

Indian Folk Dance Spread Love Message in Vietnam
The dance performance tells the legend of the love of the gods Krishna and Radha (Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper).

The first act, "Brajvandna," recites the prayer ritual in memory of Lord Krishna and Radha. The rituals are usually performed as a good-luck sign for events in India. The second performance, "MayurRaas," tells the story of Radha's love for the god Krishna. One of the highlights of this part is that the artists incarnate in the form of peacocks, which symbolize nature, expressing love to the world and humanity.

The third performance is the dance play "Raasleela," recreating the bond between Lord Krishna and his worshipers. The fourth performance is "Barsaneki Lathamar Holi," a traditional dance performed during the Holi (Color) Festival in springtime in Northern India. The final performance is Phoolonki Holi (Holi and flowers). This is a celebratory dance with flowers during the Holi festival.

Indian Folk Dance Spread Love Message in Vietnam
The second performance, "MayurRaas", tells the story of Radha's love for the god Krishna. The artists incarnate in the form of peacocks (Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper).

The Provincial Cultural and Arts Center of Yen Bai also brings to the program many performances showcasing the cultural identity of the ethnic groups of Yen Bai, with the slogan: "green, harmony, identity, happiness," Yen Bai people are "friendly, compassionate, united, creative, social." This is an activity to strengthen and expand foreign affairs according to the policies and guidelines of the Party and State, and an opportunity for artisans to explore, share, and learn about Vietnamese and Indian folk dance arts.

In her remarks, Vice Chairwoman of Yen Bai Provincial People's Committee Vu Thi Hien Hanh said that in recent years, Yen Bai province has been making efforts to develop solidarity and friendship relations between Vietnam and India. The effort was made on the foundation of good political and diplomatic relations and great potential for cooperation between the two countries. The province has actively expanded multifaceted cooperation with Indian partners. It also welcomed many Indian delegations and businesses coming here to survey and explore cooperation opportunities and business investment environments.

Indian Folk Dance Spread Love Message in Vietnam
Performances with unique cultural features of Vietnamese ethnic groups by the Yen Bai Provincial Culture and Arts Center (Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper).

Also, several rich and diverse exchange programs with Indian art troupes to promote cultural exchange activities between Yen Bai province and India. Hanh hopes that the program will introduce and spread beautiful images, friendship, solidarity, and effective cooperation between Yen Bai province and Indian partners. It will contribute to consolidating and developing the good traditional friendship between the two countries in the coming time.

Dr. Monica Sharma, Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center (Indian Embassy in Vietnam) said that the cultural exchange program is an opportunity for the people of Yen Bai province and the people of India to contemplate the deep cultural and civilizational ties between India and Vietnam. She hopes that the art exchange program will help the local people understand more about Indian art and culture. It will help arouse curiosity and appreciation for the hidden beauty of the two countries' cultures.

Indian Folk Dance Spread Love Message in Vietnam
Delegates interacted with dancers on stage (Photo: Yen Bai Newspaper).

The Pratibha Kala Kendra dance troupe has organized many domestic and international performances to introduce and celebrate folk dances from various regions of India, most notably from the Braj region, to audiences around the world.

In Vietnam, the group has a tour from March 26-31 in many provinces, such as Hanoi, Ha Nam, and Lao Cai. This is an activity in a series of events introducing Indian culture organized by the Embassy of India in Vietnam and coordinated with local Vietnamese authorities. The tour also includes workshops, giving audiences the opportunity to learn about the history, dance techniques and characteristics of Indian folk dances by the artists themselves.

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