Miss World VN 2007 launches Youtube channel sharing business etiquettes tips

As a person who is passionate for education, training and startup, Lan puts tremendous efforts in conducting the project. She wears many hats in the production process, from outlining the draft to writing the script, to narrating the contents. She also participated in the filming process.

(VNF) – Miss World Vietnam 2007 Ngo Phuong Lan has recently launched a project aiming to help young people hone their soft skills, gain confidence to achieve successes in their career path.

Hoa hậu Ngô Phương Lan xinh đẹp trẻ trung dạo phố ngày đầu năm ảnh 14

Her charming look, graceful gesture, together with exquisite communication skills brought to Lan the crown of the Miss Vietnam World 2007. During the last 10 years, her confidence, knowledge, dynamism has won her the hearts of the public. (source: Tien Phong Online)

Born in a family with rich tradition in the field of foreign affairs, Ngo Phuong Lan has become familiar with diplomatic protocols and etiquettes since childhood. Her knowledge and experience in these areas have paved the way for the Vietnamese lady to become a confident global citizen in later years.

The exposure to perse living environments such as US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Vietnam, has benefited Lan in many aspects, contributing to her development into a poised, dynamic and knowledgeable woman.

Recently, in the APEC high-level leaders week, Lan was selected as the host in key conferences. Apart from the beauty of her look, Lan impressed others by her warm voice, a smart way of emceeing and the delicate manners in real life.

Her confidence on the stage has been nourished by her experiences as emcee of various prestigious international political and cultural events such as ASEAN meeting, sixth AIPA (ASEAN Interparliamentary Assembly), Miss Earth 2010.

Being considered a role model for the young generation, Lan was invited to become keynote speaker, judge and trainer in various events for the young, especially those in culture and education, business like "Talk Vietnam", "Quoc gia khoi nghiep" (National Startup), Toi tai gioi, Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016, etc.

Hoa hậu Ngô Phương Lan, Hoa hậu Việt, sao Việt, hoa hậu Ngô Phương Lan kết hôn, chồng Tây của Ngô Phương Lan

Ngo Phuong Lan as host of the National StartUp TV show on National Television of Vietnam. (source: ngoisao.vn)

Through various on-campus workshop, talkshows and dialogues on career orientation and skills training for students, Lan noticed the demand of the youngsters for a guidance on people skills and business etiquettes.

She therefore decided to coordinate with the International School of the Vietnam National University to launch a channel named "Life and Style by Ngo Phuong Lan", featuring a series of short videos answering students’ most frequently asked questions in these areas.

The first product of the project was published during the Christmas, as a gift for the festive season. In the first video, Lan appeared on a video showing the viewers on how to select the proper dress code for an interview, for both men and women.

Currently, four episodes of the project have been published on Youtube, with the latest episode giving instruction on how to hold a glass of wine properly.

Presented by an audible, pleasant voice, a concise, well-organized structures, at its initial stage, Lan's series has received positive feedback.

Through this project, Lan is looking forwards to reaching more universities, sharing useful tips with more students, handing them the key to a successful career.

Ngô Phương Lan APEC - ảnh 4

Ngo Phuong Lan in the role of APEC meeting host. Through the occasion, she wants to promote the image of Vietnamese women in modern era, who are not only knowledgeable and talented, but also determined and dynamic. (source: Tien Phong Online)

“In my opinion, when you do something which you are not sure about the general regulations or standard, you will feel unconfident and not dare to express yourself. I hope that this project will help broadcast to the students more knowledges of the standard, international-accepted business protocols and etiquettes,” Lan said.

Ngo Phuong Lan was born in 1987 in Hanoi (Vietnam). She is well-known as the winner of Miss World Vietnam 2007, the beauty pageant bringing together beautiful and talented Vietnamese ladies across the world.

Lan possesses a Bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva (Switzeland). Since her college graduation, Lan has taken on various positions, mostly in the field of education and media.

The lady is also well-known for her strong committment to social works.In recent years, Lan and her teammates have provided financial support for 40 children, giving them the chance to go to school. Some of the beneficiaries even managed to obtain scholarships to study abroad, which makes Lan very proud of./.

( Translated by Phi Yen )

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