Newborns Vietnam holds first ocean swimming competition to raise fund

(VNF) - In July, an ocean swimming competition was held by Newborns Vietnam as a fundraising and awareness raising activity.

(VNF) - An ocean swimming competition, an awareness and fundraising activity was recently held by Newborns Vietnam.

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The champion of Newborns VN ocean swimming competition (source: Newborns VN)

Being held for the first time by Newborns Vietnam, the competition had found its champion, whose life began as a prematured baby.

Duy had impressed the judges by his fantastic achievement: he completed 24.22 km in 5 hours 48 minutes, breaking big waves and jellyfish to complete the challenge.

Duy is also a member of Newborns Ironman 70.3 relay team, he was very moved by his visit to the Da Nang neonatal nursery.

With the achievement, Duy has become the Swimming Ambassador of Newborns Vietnam.

Newborns is a UK-based charity and is licensed to operate as an NGO in Vietnam, working to save lives by reducing neonatal mortality and promoting the health of newborn children and their mothers in south east Asia with a specific focus on Vietnam./.

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