Over 20 books bring VN closer to Mexico

(VNF) - Recently, over 20 books introducing Vietnamese history, cultures, people and laws (translated into English & Spanish) were presented to the world's renowned research center El Colegio de Mexico (Colmex)   in Mexico.

The books were presented to Colmex in an exhibition introducing the image of Vietnam to the friend country, held by the Embassy of Vietnam in Mexico.

The exhibition was conducted on ocassion of the 42rd anniversary of Vietnam's Reunification Day (April 30, 1975-2017), and 42rd anniversary of Vietnam-Mexico bilateral relations (May 19, 1975-2017).

The books aim to help readers gain insight of Vietnam in various aspects, including stories about respected figures such as President Ho Chi Minh, General Vo Nguyen Giap; the Vietnam's constitution, Party Congress XII documents and Vietnam's undeniable sovereignty over Hoang Sa, Truong Sa.

Over 20 books bring VN closer to Mexico

Books about Vietnam(translated into English and Spanish) presented to COLMEX by Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico (source: VN Embassy in Mexico)

Addressing the book-presenting ceremony, Vietnamese ambassador to Mexico Le Linh Lan spoke highly of Colmex as a prominent higher education institution in Mexico, especially its Center for Asian and African Studies which focus on in-depth research on Asia in general and South East Asia region in particular.

The ambassador expressed her hope that the books from Vietnam will serve as credible sources of references for Mexican people's study and research about the country.

On the ocassion, ambassador Lan briefed international friends on history and the changes of Vietnam during the reformation and global integration process. She highlighted the similarities in history, culture shared by two countries, hoping that based on the 42-year ties, bilateral relations will be further fostered in multi facets, especially when Vietnam becomes the host of APEC 2017.

On behalf of Colmex, Amauri Garcia, Head of the Center for Asian and African Studies, thanked the Embassy of Vietnam for the beautiful exhibition, noting that it is the first time undergraduates and post graduates in Mexico gain access to comprehensive documents on Vietnam study right in Colmex, she stressed.

The lecturers, students and professors of the Mexican Institute, for their part, expressed their admiration for the glorious history of Vietnam marked by heroic national defense fights in the past and the achivements in reformation process which has contribute to a beautiful Vietnam in present day./.

Trao tặng sách về Việt Nam cho Thư viện Viện Nghiên cứu Mexico

( Translated by Phi Yen )

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