Laos Students in Quang Binh Cultivate the Vietnam-Laos Friendship

Generations of Laos students in Quang Binh are cultural "bridges," contributing to cultivating solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Laos.
April 24, 2024 | 21:41

"Thanh you, Quang Binh"

Chanthakhammany Phouttavan, a student in Accounting, Quang Binh University (VNU), will finish her studies in Quang Binh in the next two months. These days, although quite busy with her graduation thesis, she immediately agreed to join the interview when approached by reporters.

Lived in Quang Binh for five years, Phouttavan speaks fluent Vietnamese. In the conversation, she told reporters about life in Quang Binh. "The first day I arrived, everything was so new and I did not even speak Vietnamese. However, after a year, with the delicate guidance and help from my Vietnamese teachers and friends, my Vietnamese got much better," she said.

Meanwhile, Vilaysane Dodo, from Vientiane, won the consolation prize at the Vietnamese speech contest for international students in the Central Region in 2023, though he has only studied in Vietnam for two years. "In addition to my teachers' lessons, I learn a lot through talking to my friends, that is the reason for my good Vietnamese," he said.

Dodo is the current Vice President of the Lao Student Association at Quang Binh University. He and other Lao students enthusiastically in all exchanges between Quang Binh University and other schools, agencies, and units in the province. Through those activities, international and Lao students practice their Vietnamese and make new friends.

"Fortunately, Lao students have many close Vietnamese friends, who help us a lot in life and study. They even invite us home to eat and chat with their families. Those are memories that we will never forget," said Dodo.

For both Phouttavan and Dodo, during their times in Quang Binh, they received wholehearted support from provincial leaders, teachers, and Vietnamese friends. "When I graduate and return home, the knowledge I have learned here will be useful for my career, thereby I can help my families and contribute to building Laos to be more prosperous. That is also a way for international students to thank the land and people of Quang Binh for their help and support," said Phouttavan.

Laos Students in Quang Binh Cultivate the Vietnam-Laos Friendship
Laos students at Quang Binh Univesity (Photo: Quang Binh Newspaper)

Bridge of culture and friendship

Khounvongsa Nilatda, a third-year student in the English Department at Quang Binh University, said that she enjoys meeting and interacting with Vietnamese teachers, students, and local people. "Vietnamese people are kind, cheerful, outgoing and always willing to help," she said.

“I find Vietnam safe and the people are friendly, so in our free time, we often go shopping and eat out. We have the opportunity to meet, talk, and understand more about the culture and people of Vietnam in general and Quang Binh in particular. During exchanges with other schools and agencies in Quang Binh, we want to introduce a bit of Laos culture to Vietnamese friends through cultural and artistic performances," Nilatda said.

Passionate about medicine, Phayavongxay Khamsouk, Phonetheva Souksavanh, and Pongkhamhapy Bounny enrolled in Quang Binh Medical College. The language barrier and the huge amount of knowledge pose considerable difficulties for them. However, thanks to the enthusiastic help of the school's Board of Directors, teachers, and students, they are working hard every day to acquire knowledge to serve their country in the future.

According to the leaders of Quang Binh Medical College and Quang Binh University, international students receive special attention from the institutes. They enjoy a favorable studying and living environment and good opportunities to participate in social activities, cultural and artistic exchanges, and volunteering activities. Many Laotian students have become the school's nucleus in art and volunteer volunteering activities

For Lao students, in addition to the task of gaining knowledge, they are also the bridges to cultivate the special traditional friendship between the two Parties and peoples of Vietnam and Laos, particularly between Quang Binh and their home country.

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