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PeaceTrees Vietnam presents gifts for children ahead of new school year

23:33 | 31/05/2019

Recently, PeaceTrees Vietnam (PTVN) has gifted new school bags for 166 graduates from across 14 kindergartens in Quang Tri province to use when they enter first grade in the upcoming school year.

peacetrees vietnam presents gifts for children ahead of new school year

The backpacks were presented to the students for new academic year. Photo: PTVN

Wishing to bring a better condition for new school year to children studied in PTVN’s kindergartens, the NGO presented brand new backpacks for them.

PTVN was founded in 1995 by Danaan Parry and Jerilyn Brusseau — whose brother, U.S. Army helicopter pilot Lt. Daniel Cheney, was shot down and killed during the Vietnam War in 1969. This is the first and only (up to now) US NGO that is licensed by the Vietnamese Government to operate in the field of mine clearance.

PTVN is a non-governmental pioneer in post-war relief in Vietnam. Their efforts in landmines/Unexploded Ordnances (UXOs) clearance and victim support through educational and economic projects were not only valuable support to the needed but also an incentive for more international aid in war-torn regions.

PTVN builds kindergartens and libraries throughout Quang Tri province. The kindergartens and libraries are built in some of the poorest and most remote mountainous regions of Quang Tri.

In 2007, the first kindergarten was built in the Khe Sanh area, in honor of US Marine Corps Corporal David Warner. Totally, the organisation also has built so far 14 kindergartens in Quang Tri./.