Photo: Peacekeeping force injected with COVID-19 vaccine before leaving for South Sudan

Injected with the COVID-19 vaccine before leaving for South Sudan, the peacekeeping force feels more confident to perform their tasks.
9 vietnamese peacekeeping officers complete duties in africa 9 Vietnamese peacekeeping officers complete duties in Africa
vietnamese peacekeeping officer sent to work at un headquarters Vietnamese peacekeeping officer sent to work at UN headquarters
pm signed plan to implement na resolution on joining un peacekeeping operations PM signed plan to implement NA resolution on joining UN peacekeeping operations
On the morning of March 16, 70 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were given to soldiers working at Field Hospital 2.3 , who will participate in medical examination and treatment in South Sudan in the near future. (Photo: Lao Dong)
Ensign Le Na (25 years old, currently working at Field Hospital 2.3) received her vaccination records. She said: "This vaccination helps us in the future work. It is our shields when working abroad." (Photo: Lao Dong)
2.100 doses of COVID-19 vaccines are expected to be given to military staffs working abroad, house rigs DK1 staffs, and Hospital 175 staffs. The vaccination is held by Hospital 175. The hospital is proposing to vaccinate Tay Ninh border guards. (Photo: Lao Dong)
The hospital said that it would keep monitoring recipients' health for 24 hours after injection. Ambulance cars have already been prepared for emergency treatment if needed. (Photo: Lao Dong)
Earlier, Vietnam Ambassador to the UN emphasized the need to offer COVID-19 vaccine to peacekeepers, particularly those at high risks, such as medical workers at field hospitals and forces operating in areas severely hit by the pandemic. (Photo: Lao Dong)
Military staffs had to fill in forms to confirm their agreement to be vaccinated. (Photo: Lao Dong)
They also had their health checked by medical staff at the vaccination sites. (Photo: Lao Dong)
COVID-19 vaccine is stored at a safe temperature prior to injection. (Photo: Lao Dong)
Previously, Hospital for Tropical Diseases of Ho Chi Minh City was granted 934 doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the Ministry of Health and started injecting medical staff on March 8. Up to now, 824 people have been given the vaccine. No severe reaction has been recorded so far. (Photo: Lao Dong)
Captain Tran Thuan Trang (Chief Nurse, Field Hospital 2.3) was one of the first to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In more than a week to come, Ms. Trang will join her teammates on a long business trip to South Sudan. This vaccination is her great encouragement. (Photo: Lao Dong)
"After the injection, I will have my health monitored for 24 hours. Under the supervision of the medical staff, I feel reassured," Captain Tran Thuan Trang confided. (Photo: Lao Dong)
vietnam proposes to vaccinate un peacekeepers against covid 19 Vietnam proposes to vaccinate UN peacekeepers against COVID-19

On February 12, the UN Group of Friends on peacekeeping held an informal discussion on the Secretary-General's Action for Peacekeeping initiative and the Covid-19 vaccine.

g4 support vietnams increasing engagement in peacekeeping missions G4 support Vietnam’s increasing engagement in peacekeeping missions

Representatives of the embassies of Canada, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland (G4) have affirmed their support for Vietnam’s increasing engagement in peacekeeping missions abroad.

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Vietnamese peacekeepers at Vietnam’s Level-2 Field Hospital No. 2 (L2FH2) in the Republic of South Sudan have been awarded United Nations peacekeeping medals in recognition ...

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