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Coronavirus Vaccine: Global Competition

Coronavirus Vaccine: Global Competition

00:27 | 21/03/2020

The United States, China and Europe are battling to be the first finder a cure, bringing a nationalist element to a worldwide crisis that could have created a chance of favoring the winner's population and potentially gain the upper hand in dealing with the economic and geostrategic fallout from the crisis.

Coronavirus vaccine trial administers first dose to participant in the US

19:38 | 17/03/2020

The trial, taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, enrolls a total of 45 healthy adults over a six-week time frame, aiming to establish that the vaccine is safe and induces a desired response from participants' immune systems, setting the stage for larger trials this year that will assess its efficacy.  

China claims that Coronavirus vaccine could be ready by April

China claims that Coronavirus vaccine could be ready by April

21:07 | 15/03/2020

China has said that some vaccines for the novel coronavirus could be in clinical use next month as the number of global coronavirus cases soared past 100,000.  Zheng Zhongwei, director of the National Health Commission’s Science and Technology Development Center, expressed his hope of the vaccines would enter clinical research or be of use in emergency situation in April.

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