World Environment Day 2024

Quang Ngai Naval Soldiers Actively Respond to World Environment Day

The Quang Ngai Provincial Border Guard has implemented numerous initiatives in collaboration with the local community to preserve the living environment, particularly the marine environment.
June 10, 2024 | 11:23
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On the first day of June, officers and soldiers from border guard stations in Quang Ngai province organized clean-up campaigns to promote the Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign, World Environment Day (June 5), and Vietnam Sea and Islands Week 2024.

In particular, they organized a beach cleanup initiative together with local volunteers. Naval soldiers in the Ly Son district organized waste collection along three kilometers of the shoreline of Dong An Vinh village.

Ly Son Border Guard Station officers and soldiers collect waste along the coast of Dong An Vinh village.
Ly Son Border Guard Station officers and soldiers collect waste along the coast of Dong An Vinh village. (Photo:

According to Captain Mai Van Tuan, Deputy Political Commissar and Secretary of the Ly Son Border Guard Station Branch, the unit has cooperated with local organizations to run six campaigns named "Let's Clean the Sea" from the beginning of 2024 to the present. Consequently, 1.5 tons of waste were collected along 6.5 kilometers of coastline. In response to the Month of Action for the Environment and the "Let’s Clean the Sea" campaign in 2024, the unit conducted two garbage-collecting events with the participation of about 200 officers, soldiers, and union members in the area.

Party Committees and commanders of border guard units thoroughly educate officers and soldiers and implement Resolution No. 26/NQ-CP dated March 5, 2020, promoting the Master Plan and 5-year Plan of the Government implementing Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW dated October 22, 2018, of the 12th Party Central Committee on the Strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam's marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Border guard units have actively coordinated communications on sea and island sovereignty; Vietnam's Law of the Sea; and Vietnam's seas and islands' position, function, and potential in economy, politics, defense, and security. In addition, these units have raised local awareness about the importance of the living environment; the value and role of biodiversity in food, nutrition, human health, development, socioeconomic, hunger elimination, and poverty reduction; and the negative impacts of air pollution and plastic waste on the environment and human health.

Captain Hoang Dan, Assistant for Mass Mobilization under the Quang Ngai Provincial Border Guard said that environmental protection initiatives always involve 100% participation from organizations in the Provincial Border Guard. The units cooperated with local socio-political organizations to effectively implement the projects named "Combating Plastic Waste," "Let's Clean the Sea," and "Be Kind to Sa Ky". As a result, Quang Ngai Province has raised people's awareness about reducing plastic waste, protecting the environment, and responding to climate change.

Along with propaganda work, Quang Ngai units have cooperated with localities in marine border areas to create trash management, collection, transportation, and treatment solutions suitable for regulations. To effectively perform environmental protection work, units also organize evaluations, inspections, and assessments of environmental pollution hazards; create plans to prevent, respond to, and overcome environmental incidents in activities; strengthen departments in charge of environmental protection at all levels; review and create internal environmental management and protection regulations; and sort recyclable waste for treatment following laws.

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