Romantic cherry blossom season in Đăk Ke

Cherry blossoms with faded pink color provide romantic beauty for the Mang Den eco-tourism area.
January 12, 2022 | 13:33
Đăk Ke
Cherry blossoms brought poetic and romantic beauty to Mang Den eco-tourism area. Photo: Vietnam Times

Let's discover one of the most attractive destinations for cherry blossom viewing: Đăk Ke, Mang Den eco-tourism area, Kon Plông province, Kon Tum.

In Mang Den, about 70 thousands cherry blossom trees are planted in many places by local authorities. Mang Den cherry blossoms have bloomed and since the weather is favorable, it is more romantic than ever.

Đăk Ke
Photo: Vietnam Times

Not only attracting visitors by the wild beauty of steep slopes, majestic lakes or immense pine trees, Mang Den also attracts those who love to explore with the unique culture and activities of the countryside. Ethnic minorities here welcome tourists with sincerity and kindness.

While in Mang Den, visitors can enjoy delicious dishes such as grilled chicken with lam rice, spicy hotpot with pepper to dispel the cold.

In the afternoon, enjoy an idle walk through the vast pine forest. According to local people, the best time to take pictures with the pink cherry blossom is 7-9 AM and 15-17 PM.

When night falls, you can watch the starry sky and the moon hanging on the shimmering, fanciful pine tops.

Đăk Ke
Photo: Vietnam Times

A romantic date by the lake

At Dak Ke Lake, where thousands of peach blossom trees are blooming with an area of ​​​​over 3 hectares, the whole mountain and forest are now colored in pink.

Dak Ke Lake, whose original name is Lake Toong Ro Poong, covers an area of ​​about 3 hectares.

Tourists can go cherry blossom viewing at popular destinations like Dak Ke lake, Pa Sy waterfall, and along the roads leading to the town...

Đăk Ke
Photo: Vietnam Times
Đăk Ke
This is a legendary lake among the 7 lakes and 3 waterfalls of Mang Den. Photo: Vietnam Times

According to the village elders in this area, the lakes and waterfalls in Mang Den are the embodiment of gods in the sky. Once upon a time, the god Yang Pling sent 7 sons down here to set up a village. But Yang Pling's wives transformed into animals to look after their sons, so the sons were told not to harm these animals.

They lived a happy fulfilling life in Mang Den until one day, the sons disobeyed the god by mistakenly eating one of the wives in their animal form. God Yan Pling was so furious, he decided to punish the children by building 7 pillars from the sky upon Mang Den.

These pillars formed the 7 lakes and 3 fire columns shot up to the sky to form 3 waterfalls in Mang Den.

Dak Ke Lake is the largest and most beautiful of all lakes and chose to develop it into a tourist area of ​​Dak Ke Lake.

The idyllic village colored in pink

Romantic cherry blossom season in Đăk Ke
Photo: Checkin Vietnam

According to photographer Huy Dang (from Kon Tum city), “The cherry blossom in Mang Den has a feature that its color is lighter than elsewhere. I think the climate here is similar to the delta the so it is sunny and it gives cherry blossom a lighter color while. in colder places, the color is darker. In Mang Den, in addition to the typical beauty of the cherry blossom season on each New Year's Eve, the natural scenery, lakes, waterfalls ... here are very beautiful. It is an ideal place for our artists to create.”

Đăk Ke
Photo: Vietnam Times

Although there are still worries about the Covid-19 epidemic, tourists inside and outside the province are still eager to see the flower season. They all want to admire with their own eyes the brilliant beauty of cherry blossoms in Mang Den.

In the chilly air, the more delicate cherry blossoms bloom, the more romantic the village becomes.

This year's cherry blossom season is expected to last until mid-January 2022.

Đăk Ke
Tourists are excited for cherry blossom season viewing in the highlands of Đắk Ke. Photo: Vietnam Times
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