Russian Diplomats, Students Discuss Vietnamese Language in Diplomatic Activities

Questions from students expressed their interest in current times and the international situation as well as Russia-Vietnam relations.
April 02, 2024 | 20:57

A hybrid roundtable conference on "Vietnam - Russia relations: Experience in diplomatic activities" was held on March 30 at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) under Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of former, current and future diplomats, VNA reported.

The event, which also saw representatives from the Russian Embassy in Hanoi and the Russian Consulate General in Da Nang city, aimed to share experiences and difficulties relating to language and interpretation.

People at the roundtable conference. Photo: VNA
At the event, students expressed their interest in international situations and Russia-Vietnam relations while senior diplomats were willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Photo: VNA

Speaking at the event, Ivan Nesterov, Counselor from the Russian Foreign Ministry's Third Asian Department, reviewed recent important milestones in Russia-Vietnam relations such as resuming the direct flight Moscow-Ho Chi Minh City from January 2024 and immediately the tourist flow between the two countries increased by 10%.

As a person who studied Vietnamese language and chose to major in Vietnamese studies, he shared his difficulties when learning an Asian language that has few similarities with Russian.

He highlighted career opportunities for students, saying that Vietnam is an important development orientation in Russia’s foreign policy.

According to him, tourism and oil and gas are the two positive sectors that offer employment opportunities.

Counselor at the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia Doan Khac Hoang agreed with positive assessments of the near future prospects for those who choose to major in Vietnamese studies.

Speaking virtually from Da Nang city, Russian Consul General Maria Mizonova underlined the difficulty of studying Vietnamese and said this is a reason why the recruitment of personnel at the office is not easy.

She noted the differences are not only in the dialects of the three regions in Vietnam but also in personality and communications of people in different regions.

According to her, when studying Vietnamese, it is necessary to learn and understand the culture and people of Vietnam.

From the bridgehead in Hanoi, Minister Counselor Ekaterina Bakeeva, who also studied at MGIMO's Vietnamese Department, affirmed that the diversity of Vietnam's regions is a challenge in studying and researching when she was still a student yet an attractive point when entering a diplomatic career.

The speech from a veteran diplomat and translator Petr Tsvetov about the capabilities of AI in translation also received a lot of attention.

The usefulness of machine translation cannot be denied, but the translator affirmed that to have an accurate translation, the final choice must be made by humans.

Through the opinions of experts at the conference, Vietnam is described as a multicultural, multi-ethnic country with a diverse and beautiful nature, where the help of experts, former Soviet and Russian experts in the fields of military, construction, and energy is deeply appreciated.

Up to now, bilateral relations are still developing very well in the political field, but economic cooperation is not up to par and associated with it are career opportunities. This is also the concern of students studying Vietnamese in Russia, who are choosing Vietnamese as their future career.

Based on these exchanges and discussions, Russian students studying Vietnamese boldly raised questions to senior diplomats who have been working in the field of foreign affairs and at one time working time in Vietnam.

After listening and absorbing the practical experiences of professional diplomats, the young Russians present at the conference were impressed.

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