Sunset hunting from the old seaplane station in Hanoi's West Lake

On sunny days in Hanoi, many amateur and professional photographers often go to the West Lake area to catch and save beautiful moments.
June 23, 2020 | 08:46
hanois west lake through foreign painters eyes Hanoi’s West Lake through foreign painter’s eyes
hanoi to pedestrianise west lake street Hanoi to pedestrianise West Lake street
enjoy lotus tea on hanois west lake Enjoy lotus tea on Hanoi’s West Lake
0059 ho tay thuy phi co
Photo: Zing News

The seaplane station on Nguyen Dinh Thi Street has become a favorite sunset spot for many people. This is the first seaplane one in Vietnam, which is no longer in use. During the French colonial period, this station was owned by Bao Dai King. In order to wait for hunting sunset images on the West Lake, many photographers come here from 5 a.m to choose the suitable place.

1026 ho tay sunset
Photo: Zing News

With a high angle of view, cool atmosphere, the seaplane station attracts young people to take photos, observe sunset with friends and share their feelings.

1227 ho tay sunset 1
Photo: Zing News

West Lake is considered as the most picturesque area in Hanoi in all 4 seasons of the year.

1336 ho tay sunset 2
Photo: Zing News

June is the period when sky is usually blue, clear and cloudy in the afternoon, the sunset is brightly red and creates a beautiful scenery. Almost people pass by the West Lake area have to absorb in.

1721 ho tay sunset 3
Photo: Zing News

In addition, roads along the West Lake are also familiar with many people in Hanoi for hunting sunset images.

1911 ho tay sunset 4
Many funny poses appear to catch the sunset images. Photo: Zing News
2106 ho tay sunset 5
Photo: Zing News

There are also many older people attracted by hunting sunset moments. Take for example, Mr. Dung started taking photos from the 80s of the last century. His favorite sunset location is the area next to Tran Quoc Pagoda. "From here I have a clear corner, less entangled with construction works in the frame," he said.

2330 ho tay sunset 6
Photo: Zing News

The appearance of the human silhouette in the image will make pictures more vivid. Today, a man swimming in the middle of the West Lake makes professional photographers excited.

2728 ho tay sunset 7
Photo: Zing News

Mr. Hung has joined the photography industry for decades. So far, he still keeps his hobby of taking pictures with a film camera. He always explores many different angles to capture sunset images, although this thing just takes place a few minutes.

3006 ho tay sunset 8
Photo: Zing News

Ms. Bao Ngan works in the field of biological research, but for her, photography is a passion. She spent many days hunting for photos. She commented that this summer is much clearer and more beautiful than previous years, so the sunset is much more beautiful.

3130 ho tay sunset 9
Besides the camera, Ngan also uses a phone and a GoPro camera to record footage of sunset moments.
Photo: Zing News
3300 ho tay sunset 10
Many people also stopped to save the golden moment at the end of the day just by a phone. Photo: Zing News
3431 ho tay sunset 11
Photo: Zing News

Sunset on the West Lake attracts couples by peace and romance. "After a working day, I often take my girlfriend here to watch the sunset, to drink a glass of lemon tea together," said Duc Minh.

3620 ho tay sunset 12
In summer, sunset usually starts at 6p.m. It only takes 20 minutes for the sun to fade behind buildings.
Photo: Zing News
3758 ho tay sunset 13
People can still see the last sunlight peeking away at 7 p.m. Photo: Zing News
3913 ho tay sunset 14
When the sun began to subside and disappear, photographers had already taken their photos. Photo: Zing News

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