The Fine Art of Czech Glassmaking Display in Hanoi

A special exhibition highlighting the artistry and craftsmanship of Czech glassmaking opens in Hanoi in the afternoon of June 3.
June 05, 2024 | 14:21
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The exhibition "The Magic of Czech Glass" (Su Ky Dieu Cua Thuy Tinh Sec) is curated by curator Maria Galova, and co-organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vietnam, Czech Culture in Vietnam, and the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum. It will take place at the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi until June 13.

Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Hanoi Hynek Kmonícek spoke at the opening of the exhibition (Photo:

There are 17 exclusive handcrafted glass artworks by 13 renowned Czech artists at the art exhibition, They are Lukas Jaburek, Frantisek Jungvirt, Alena Matejka, Michaela Spruzinová, Lucie Svitorková, Vladimira Klumpar, Natalie Dufkova, Jiri Belda, Viktorie Beldova, Marek Cihal, Tomas Brzon, and Petr Stanicky. Thereby, "The Magic of Czech Glass" reflects the current path of Czech glass art and aspires to draw attention to contemporary Czech artists of different generations, experiences, expertise, and techniques.

The Fine Art of Czech Glassmaking Display in Hanoi
The exhibition not only celebrates the skillfulness of Czech glass designers but also showcases Czech traditional heritage fused with contemporary Czech art to the Vietnamese art lovers (Photo:

The Czech Republic has a centuries-old tradition of glassmaking which has been famous worldwide during different historical phases. The first peak was in the 18th century when they became renowned for producing the highest quality Baroque-style glasses. The golden age of Czech glass production occurred from the early 18th to 19th centuries. It was during this time that the stunning Bohemian crystal chandeliers were exported around the world, establishing their reputation in the world of glass.

The artistry of Czech glass then came again to the fore in the early 20th century, largely thanks to the Lotz Witwe glass factory from Klastersky Mlyn. This factory was the premier and most successful producer of art nouveau-style glass in Europe. The last great era for Czech glass began in the 1950s. It was a harmonious combination of the long historical experience in producing quality glass and highly trained glass craftsmanship.

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