Vietnamese Female Artist in Belgium Spread Love for Homeland

Vietnamese landscapes and people have been brought closer to the international community as artist Kim Doan displays her paintings in Brussels from June 2 to June 23.
June 05, 2024 | 10:49
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Female artist Kim Doan, an expatriate Vietnamese living in Brussels, created a unique painting exhibit named "The Land of Love" for the public of this peaceful country.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of art enthusiasts, including overseas Vietnamese in Belgium and Belgian friends who love Vietnam.

Artist Kim Doan (Photo: VNA)
Artist Kim Doan (Photo: VNA)

"The Land of Love," which features more than 40 paintings by artist Kim Doan, tells the story of an overseas Vietnamese, carrying with her a love for her motherland Vietnam, and an affection for her second homeland, Belgium.

The real name of artist Kim Doan is Doan Kim Khanh. She was born and raised in Hanoi. Before pursuing her passion for painting, she studied medicine and worked as a doctor in Hanoi. She moved to Belgium in the 1990s, where she earned two master's degrees.

She started painting as a healing method following incidents in her family life and two serious crashes in Belgium.

Kim Doan began painting in 2009 and her works consistently express her love for Vietnam, the country of her birth, as well as the emotional journey of overcoming obstacles as a woman in a foreign land.

Kim Doan's paintings aim to express the courage of a single mother in a distant nation. Bright and colorful colors symbolize efforts to improve in life, integrate into the host society, and achieve success.

"As a Vietnamese woman living in Belgium, I have faced numerous difficulties and obstacles. However, I never give up. I am always working to improve and attain achievement. My paintings are an illustration of the extraordinary strength of Vietnamese women," shared Kim Doan to Vietnam News Agency reporters.

Her paintings seem to take viewers to the Northwest's terraced fields, filled with ripe golden rice, stilt roofs hidden in the sky, and graceful girls wearing white ao dai and conical hats, holding a lotus flower - the typical beauty and charm of Vietnamese women.

Kim Doan's talented brushstrokes transform Hoan Kiem Lake into a sparkling and colorful image. The painting appears to lead us to another world, where everything appears beautiful and peaceful.

Kim Doan used the same delicate brush strokes to brilliantly recreate the sight of Trang Tien Bridge reflected on the dreamy Perfume River (Song Huong). Kim Doan captured the majestic and poetic beauty of Ha Long Bay, a natural wonder of the world. Limestone islands undulating in the blue ocean, fascinating caves, and little fishing boats create a natural scene that amazes visitors.

At the event (Photo: VNA)
At the event (Photo: VNA)

Jean-Paul Chemin, a Belgian artist, shared his thoughts on the exhibition and the inspiration of artist Kim Doan.

"I was deeply moved by Kim Doan's works. They show the strength, courage, and emotion of Vietnamese women. At the same time, these brightly colored paintings help me understand Vietnamese culture and people," said he.

What makes Kim Doan's works unique is that they express a sense of harmony between her two homelands, Vietnam and Belgium. The familiar pictures of Vietnam are expressed in vivid and lively colors, while the beautiful Belgian landscapes are tranquil and romantic.

In particular, "Rush Station Platform" is a truly amazing picture painted by a Vietnamese artist. The painting shows a woman running to catch a train in Belgium. That image is a metaphor for a hectic, busy life. Besides, we can feel women's power and drive to pursue their dreams.

Aside from landscapes, Kim Doan's paintings include an image of her daughter, Hang Nguyen, who is full of enthusiasm and bravery, always trying to develop, and is currently the Deputy District Chief of Watermael District - Boitsfort, Brussels. The image of a successful and talented daughter is also the inspiration for Kim Doan's artistic creations.

The exhibition "The Land of Love" is a significant present from Kim Doan to Vietnam, her homeland, and Belgium, which has become her second home.

Additionally, the exhibition serves as a message from her to those who live far from home: No matter where you are, always cherish and preserve your national cultural identity.

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