Top 10 Newsletter Topics for Your Travel Blog

First of all, what is a newsletter? A newsletter is a publication that people subscribe to and receive in their email inbox
March 08, 2022 | 22:40
Annie Spratt/Unsplash
Annie Spratt/Unsplash

First of all, what is a newsletter? A newsletter is a publication that people subscribe to and receive in their email inbox. It can be sent out on a weekly or monthly basis and typically includes articles related to travel as well as other things like food and fashion.

For example, if someone subscribes to the "Top 10 Newsletter Topics for Your Travel Blog" they will receive an email every week with information relevant to traveling such as how-to articles on packing efficiently or finding the cheapest flights available at any given time.

Before we begin our list of 10 great tips for creating newsletters as part of your travel blog strategy, let’s talk about why you should have a newsletter.

1.) It’s free publicity.

The most obvious reason is that it adds legitimacy and authority to your website. Think about the fact that you can reach thousands of subscribers with information relevant to traveling, right in their inbox every week. It’s free to sign up, so you can literally just send an email with your homepage link in it and get thousands of clicks.

2.) Increases social shares.

We all know that people share articles on Facebook and Twitter when they like something or find it useful. When people subscribe to your newsletter they are doing exactly that, liking your newsletter and thinking it’s useful.

If you create quality content in your newsletters (quality = not sales focused), people will be more inclined to share them on Facebook or Twitter because it isn’t a hard sell. This won’t just get your website traffic from the shares either, it will also get you more subscribers.

3.) It gives your website an air of trustworthiness.

You know what they say, the best marketing is when people are telling other people about you instead of you being the one to do it. And that’s exactly what newsletters are for.

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, that’s basically them saying to their friends and followers that they like what you do and think it’s worth sharing. You're taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing which is the most powerful form there is.

Okay, now that you know all the benefits of having a newsletter let’s get into our list of top ten newsletter topics.

10.) Top 10 places to visit in + country name.

This is one that most bloggers tend to do on an annual basis which makes it great for newsletters. What you basically do is create an article or post listing your top 10 places to visit in another country.

All you have to do is write some sort of intro paragraph about how people can find inspiration on what to pack for their next trip, and then list your top 10 destinations that are great for whatever it is they are looking for.

For example, if someone was looking for adventure you could list the top 10 places to visit in Costa Rica for adventure travel.

9.) Top 7 tips for traveling with children.

This one is also great because it’s easy. All you do is write down your top 7 tips on something like how to make traveling with kids easier, or what are some of the must-dos when traveling with kids. You can list these in order or just write them as they come to you, but it’s really easy and you can include some photos if you like.

8.) Best travel apps for iPhone/android.

This is perfect because it not only gives your subscribers information relevant to their smartphones. All you do is research some of the best apps in your niche and then write a post about them.

You can list them by price, how they work, what they are good for etc. If you want to be really helpful you can even include screenshots of the app so people know exactly how it works.

7.) Top 5 Neighborhoods to stay in while traveling.

Another easy one. All you do is list the top five neighborhoods to visit while traveling and give a few examples of places to eat, things to do, etc. This also gives your subscribers some more information on where they should visit when they get there, which is useful for them.

6.) 5 tips to pack like a pro.

This one is really easy too, all you do is write down your top five tips on how to make sure you are packing everything efficiently.

It could be things like, always lay out the clothes you want to wear first so if something doesn’t fit you know you need to get rid of it, or always pack an extra pair of socks just in case. You can get creative with this depending on what your niche is and the types of products you sell.

5.) Should I buy a return ticket or just buy one way?

This one is really easy too. If you want to include a little more variety you can make a list, or just do a small post about whether it is better to buy a return ticket or simply purchase one way. You could also add in the pros and cons of both options, that way they get even more information than just an answer.

4.) The best tours for + country.

This is a really great one for anyone who likes to travel. Basically what you do is create an article or list of the best tours of whatever country it may be that they are traveling to, and then give some examples on how much they cost and where they can find them.

3.) 13 things not to do in + country.

This is one that could be really fun! All you do is write down your top 13 things to avoid doing when traveling and then give some examples. This can include anything from making sure not to get too drunk because it’s disrespectful in that country etc., or even just asking for an American plug instead of a European one if you’re traveling to Europe.

2.) 9 tips for driving in another country.

This one is great because not only is it relevant and interesting, but it also helps with SEO. All you do is write down your top nine tips on what you should do when driving abroad, such as make sure you check the speed limits, etc. You can also add in things like what side of the road people drive on, just to ensure that your subscribers get accurate information.

1.) How to prepare for traveling abroad.

This is another great one because it gives even more helpful tips than just listing countries where you should go. All you do is write down how you should prepare for traveling to a foreign country, either mentally or physically. You could also list some tips on what vaccinations or medications you need etc., depending on your niche.

One last tip is to make sure your newsletter format is readable and attractive. To do that, we recommend you use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of free newsletter templates for everyone. Here are some newsletter examples from their website!

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