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Tung Thu beach: Cat Ba Island’s hidden place

May 26, 2019 | 11:34

Cat Ba Island is interested by a large of the visitors by its blue beaches with the fine sands, especially, in the holiday, the island is intimate with the density. However, there is a hidden place in Cat Ba – Tung Thu beach for someone loves the quiet, wildness and the novelty.

Tung Thu beach: Cat Ba Island’s hidden place

Tung Thu beach. photo: Mytour

Most of visitors come to get some day of rest in Cat Ba Island are gravitated to the three famous beaches: Cat Co 1, 2 and 3 because of their location (near the center of Cat Ba town), their strong waves and their beautiful landscapes

In contrast, Tung Thu beach has its own different cachets from those three beaches. The color of water in Tung Thu beach is jade-green and the waves are quite. The beach with the long sandbank is covered around by the mountains. Differing from the Cat Co beaches, Tung Thu beach locates on the side of the Cat Ba forest, 2 kilometers far from the center of Cat Ba town. Therefore, visitors only reach to this beach by electric buses or taxi if their first destination is the town center.

Tung Thu beach is the place not only for the peaceful rest and swimming but also for other outdoor activities such as: playing volleyball, football and kayaking…

In addition, visitors can enjoy the tasty meals from the fresh seafood of Cat Ba Island when visiting the Tung Thu beach.

Moreover, because it is on the road that head to Cat Ba National Park, visitors have an opportunity to explore the natural landscapes and the perse biology of the forest inside Cat Ba Island in case of choosing to visit Cat Ba National Park as their next destination after Tung Thu beach./.