Vietnam On List of Best Places to Avoid Summer Heat

Tourism activities in all destinations across Vietnam have become vibrant as summer comes.
June 03, 2024 | 09:36
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The country has been named among the list of Asian travelers’ top places to beat heat, VOV reported, citing Japanese daily Nikkei Asia.

As temperatures rise across the globe, driven by factors such as climate change and global warming, many Asian travelers are starting to desert beaches and tropical islands for vacations in cooler locations from Scandinavia to the mountains of Vietnam, the website wrote.

Nikkei Asia shared that many Asian people, especially those who have smaller budgets, are focusing on cool spots within the continent such as Sa Pa in northern Vietnam, which is a premier trekking hot spot that offers lush greenery and the chance to meet people from the country's hill tribe minorities.

Vietnam On List of Best Places to Avoid Summer Heat
Tourists at Nha Trang beach in the central province of Khanh Hoa, which is expected to be very popular during the upcoming summer holiday season. VNA/VNS Photo

Data from Google Trends shows a 100% global increase in the search term "cooler holidays" over the 12 months to May 8. is a travel website which outlines that 2024 will be a year of travel to cooler climates, while the US-based luxury travel network Virtuoso notes that 82% of its customers are considering cooler destinations this year, the website reported.

Dubbed as "coolcations" in the travel industry, this new trend means taking a vacation that avoids suffocating heat, Nikkei Asia wrote.

Instead of heading to the beaches of Thailand or Bali, many tourists are instead traveling to destinations such as Alaska, Norway, and Canada. Indeed, all of these locations provide a more exotic travel experience for Asian travelers, including opportunities for trying new activities such as sledging, skiing, and whale watching, it added.

Vietnam is Asia’s third fastest growing destination for European globetrotters based on accommodation searches, VNA citied digital travel platform Agoda.

As Europe’s summer approaches, travel insights from digital travel platform Agoda reveal that destinations in Asia not only rank among the most popular outside Europe, but their popularity is increasing compared to last year, with Agoda noting 52% more accommodation searches in April by Europeans for travel to Asia this summer.

According to Agoda’s search data in April, Malaysia saw interest in its attractions increase 89%, while Japan placed second, with 71% more interest noted than last year.

Vietnam took third place, with a 66% increase in interest from travellers in Europe.

Vietnam On List of Best Places to Avoid Summer Heat
Khem Beach in Phu Quoc.

Lam Vu, Agoda’s Vietnam Country Director, said that the increase in searches compared to last year indicates Vietnam’s growing popularity as a summer holiday destination among Europeans. "It’s great to see more and more Europeans exploring all that Vietnam has to offer during their getaway periods."

Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and Nha Trang are the most searched locales in Vietnam by Europeans. These destinations offer a mix of leisure, adventure, and cultural experiences, appealing to travellers seeking to make the most of their long-distance summer holiday, Agoda said.

The European markets with the most searches for travel to Vietnam in April were France, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Spain.

The authority reported that in the first five months of this year, Vietnam has welcomed nearly 7.6 million international arrivals, a rise of 64.9% year on year and 3.9% from the pre-Covid period. At the same time, the tourism sector has served 52.5 million domestic travellers. Tourism earnings are estimated at VND 352.2 trillion (USD 13.83 billion).

The Republic of Korea remained the largest market for Vietnamese tourism during the period with 1.9 million visitors, accounting for 25.7% of the total foreign arrivals, followed by China, 21.2%.

Strong growth has been seen in the number of tourists from Asia (73%) and Europe (57.1%) thanks to the favorable visa policy applied since August 15 last year.

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