Vietnam passport ranks 90th on global power list

Vietnam has fallen two to 90th on a list of the world’s most powerful passports, according to the Haley Passport Index 2019.

Vietnam passport ranks 90th on global power list

Vietnamese passport (Photo: Internet)

In the previous version of the list the country was ranked 88th with 51 points.

Elsewhere at the top of the rankings, Japan and Singapore currently share the first-place position.

“Singapore and Japan's passports top the rankings thanks to both documents offering access to 190 countries globally”, according to CNN.

Tied in second place were the Republic of Korea, Finland, and Germany. Citizens of all three countries are able to access 188 nations across the world without requiring a visa prior to their arrival.

Finland were able to climb the list following recent changes to Pakistan’s visa policy. The South Asian country has offered an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to citizens of 50 countries, including Finland, Japan, Spain, Malta, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Most notably, the United States and the UK were not included in Pakistan’s ETA list.

A total of three European nations, including Denmark, Italy, and Luxembourg were tied in third place thanks to visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 187 countries.

The list’s fourth place went to France, Spain, and Sweden whose citizens enjoy visa free access to 186 destinations.


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