Vietnam purchased nearly 3,500 tonnes of pork from Russia

Vietnamese businesses have purchased nearly 3,500 tonnes of pork from Russia in an effort to increase supply sources and reduce domestic pork prices that have been skyrocketing on the market for the past few weeks.
March 28, 2020 | 09:12

At least 15 Vietnamese businesses have signed contracts to import nearly 3,500 tonnes of pork from Miratorg –one of Russia’s leading meat producers, according the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Vietnam purchased nearly 3,500 tonnes of pork from Russia

MIratorg is a leading meat producer in Russia, capable of churning out 400,000 tonnes of pork and 200,000 tonnes of beef a year (Photo:MIratorg)

Shipments carrying about 1,500 tonnes have arrived in Vietnamese ports of Cat Lai and Hai Phong in the north and Phuoc Long in the South. The remaining shipments with 2,000 tonnes on board are on the way to Vietnam, said the ministry.

At an earlier working session with minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong, a Miratorg representative said the Russian company can meet Vietnam’s increasing demand for pork at a competitive price. The company hoped it will ship 50,000 tonnes to Vietnam this year and raise the figure in the coming years.

Alongside Miratorg, the ministry is working with two other Russian businesses to export pork and related products to Vietnam.

As of March 15, Vietnam had imported nearly 25,000 tonnes of pork and related products, a year-on-year rise of 205%. Most of the products came from Canada, Germany, Poland, Brazil and the US.

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