Vietnamese Culture Attracts International Friends at Army Games

Vietnamese music, products, and cuisine were on display, enticing international friends.
August 15, 2022 | 11:43

The Cultural Army of the People's Army of Vietnam contributes to showing the national cultural identity, the strength of solidarity of the Vietnamese Army in the international arena of Army Games.

Vietnamese Cultural Imprint

On these days of August, at the Army Games 2022 held on the outskirts of Moscow (Russia), the Cultural Army of the People's Army of Vietnam is participating in an exhibition themed "Cultural Heritage of Vietnam". The exhibition is elaborately and modernly designed with a volume of construction and display products up to 1.7 tons of materials.

This exhibition introduces to international friends the overview images of the traditional relationship, the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam - the Russian Federation, the history and development of the People's Army of Vietnam. It also combines many pictures of typical cultural heritage of Vietnam including world heritage, representative intangible heritage of humanity and documentary heritage. Visitors can see many activities of conservation and promotion of cultural heritage values, contributing to the protection, preservation and transmission of the country's long-standing traditional cultural values.

Vietnamese Culture Attracts International Friends at Army Games
Visitors to Vietnam's exhibition booth were instructed to knit a fan. (Photo: Duc Thuan)

The soldiers of the Culture Army play an important role in connecting Vietnamese culture with international friends, guiding visitors to knit bamboo handheld fans, introducing Dong Ho folk paintings on special Do paper and instructing visitors to finish their own paintings.

Olga Faller, a full-time officer of the Department of Culture, Ministry of Defense of Russia, said: “The Vietnamese gallery always has colorful and interesting stories, especially the craft classes that attract a large number of visitors. I believe that many exhibition visitors today will want to come to Vietnam once."

Vietnam also brought to the Army Games this year 16 art performances, including 3 performances of ethnic musical instruments, 4 dance performances and 9 vocal performances. All are meticulously choreographed, unique and imprinted with Vietnamese cultural identity.

Talking to the press, Colonel Dang My Hanh, leader of the Vietnam Art and Culture Team of the People’s Army of Vietnam participating in the Army Games 2022 said: “This year’s theme aims at cultural heritage of each people, traditions of the army, in which the culture, country and people of the participating nations and ethnic groups are promoted, praising revolutionary heroism, love of the homeland and nation…”

The contest entries, content, and exhibits of Vietnam all focus on these issues. Those characteristics of the wet-rice agricultural culture show resilience and national pride, love of peace, and international cooperation. Those are also characteristics of a country with diverse culture shades in unity with 54 Vietnamese groups spreading across 3 country regions of North, Central, and South.

The most prominent traits shown are the elegance and quintessence of cultural and culinary images and items of the people of Trang An (Thang Long - Hanoi); the subtlety, tenderness and depth of Hue's culture; the strength of the great mountains and forests of the Central Highlands; the majesty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest with Terung musical instruments and hand-embroidered brocade; the steadfastness and indomitability of the Southeastern with cultural products from Ben Tre coconut trees...

"Warriors" to Promote Culture

This is the third year the Cultural Army of the People's Army of Vietnam participates in the Army Games in Russia. In 2020, with 2 certificates of merit for the team, 3 first prizes, 1 second prize, and 1 third prize for individuals, the team made a strong impression, leaving a mark of Vietnamese culture in the hearts of international friends. Lieutenant Ha Cong Cuong (actor of the Military Theater of Music and Dance), said that the moment he finished the bamboo flute solo performance named "Drunk", the entire auditorium was filled with applause. Even all members of the Jury stood up and clapped their hands, resounding with shouts of “Vietnam! Vietnam!"...

"A female judge even ran up to hug me and said a sentence in Russian. I thought that she said congratulations on my performance", said Cuong. After that, he excellently performed the work "Mountain and River are in one", converging unique sounds stretching from the North, Central, South and Central Highlands in a set of 7 wind instruments including flute, tu va (horn), pi tam lay (of the Thai ethnic group)... When the performance ended, everybody in the auditorium cheered and congratulations seemed to flow endlessly.

Colonel Hanh said: “Whether practicing or competing, culture soldiers are always determined and united to overcome difficulties, be creative. They consider it a duty, responsibility and precious honor not only to the army, the country but also to each individual”.

People's Artist Lu Thi Kieu Le, a choreographer and dance coach for the Army Culture at Army Games 2021 said: "Whether it's an art-cultural exchange or a competition, we are representatives of culture and art. Vietnam brings the image of Uncle Ho's army as well as Vietnamese culture to the world.”

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