Vietnamese culture promoted in Saudi Arabia

A programme highlighting Vietnam’s unique culture is taking place in Saudi Arabia from February 3 to 15.
February 10, 2020 | 14:57
vietnamese culture promoted in saudi arabia

A lion dance at the event (Photo: VNA)

Thousands of locals and international visitors have joined the event in Dhahran, about 400km from Riyadh capital.

Various activities were held such as exhibitions featuring Vietnam’s history, land, people and heritage, film screening, performance of traditional musical instruments, lion dances, and circus performances.

Visitors also have the chance to buy made-in-Vietnam handicraft products and taste Vietnamese traditional foods.

Special traditional costumes of Vietnamese ethnic groups were also introduced to visitors.

A representative from the Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture – the co-organiser together with the Vietnamese Embassy in Saudi Arabia - said they decided to choose Vietnam as the first country to promote culture because Vietnam is still able to preserve its rich and perse culture despite historical ups and downs over the past centuries./.

Trịnh Linh Hà source

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