Vietnamese GDP increases 2.12% in nine months

According to a report released by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose 2.12% in the first nine months of 2020.
September 30, 2020 | 09:50
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Although it is the lowest growth rate for this nine-month period in 2011-2020, in the context of a COVID-19 epidemic that has seriously affected socio-economic aspects in almost all nations, the growth rate is considered Vietnam's success in terms of its effective control of the epidemic, as well as its economic recovery and development, Nhan Dan Newspaper reported.

In terms of the general growth of the economy, the agro-forestry and fishery sector increased by 1.84%, contributing 13.62% to the general uptrend.

The industry and construction sector increased by 3.08% and contributed 58.35% while the service sector increased by 1.37%, contributing 28.03%.

Regarding the economic structure in the first nine months of 2020, the agro-forestry and fishery sector accounted for 14.05%; industry and construction accounted for 33.16%; the service sector accounted for 42.73%; product tax minus subsidies accounted for 10.06%.

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In the first nine months of 2020, final consumption increased by 0.86% over the same period in 2019; asset accumulation picked up by 3.39%. The export of goods and services rose 0.9%; while the importing of goods and services decreased by 1.25%.

Meanwhile, public investment during the 9 months beginning with January increased by 33.3% to 300 trillion dongs ($12.9 billion). The government is creating jobs by spending money to improve roads, railways, and other pieces of infrastructure. According to the State Statistical Bureau of Vietnam, public investment since January has been at the highest level in five years.

On the negative side, the amount of approved direct investment by foreign companies between January and September was $21.2 billion, down 19% from the previous year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

The tourism industry, which accounts for less than 10% of GDP, is also in a slump. Foreign tourists stopped entering the country in March, and there is no sign that they will be allowed back in for the time being.

Vietnam Q3 GDP improves to 2.6% growth on rising exports

Vietnam's real gross domestic product rose 2.62% in the July-September quarter, the State Statistical Bureau said on Tuesday, Nikkei Asia reported.

The year-on-year growth was higher than the 0.39% increase for the previous quarter. It was fueled by surging exports of personal computers demanded by a global workforce as well as students around the world as they shift to online meetings and classes.

Exports of steel and other key industrial products that had been hit hard by coronavirus restrictions also contributed to the growth. In addition, aggressive fiscal spending is supporting the economy.

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In the third quarter, exports rose 11%, to $80 billion. A decline in shipments of mobile phones, machine parts, and garments was offset by surging demand for personal computers, the bureau said. Exports of personal computers and related products rose more than 20%, according to the bureau.

Shipments of steel to China increased amid an infrastructure-building spree in the world's most populous nation.

January-September exports to the U.S., Vietnam's largest export market, rose 12.7%, to $54.8 billion.

The Asian Development Bank has forecast Vietnam's economic growth for 2020 at 1.8% percent. Thanks to the country's success in taming the spread of COVID-19, the Vietnamese economy is in a position not only to remain in positive GDP territory but to mark more growth than any other major Southeast Asian nation.

"A surge in exports to the U.S., aggressive rate cuts by the central bank, and the government's success in containing the virus are all factors behind Vietnam's outperformance," said Gareth Leather, senior Asia economist at Capital Economics.

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