Visit The Stunning Lotus Field In Quang Nam

The large Tra Ly – Dong Lon lotus field in Quang Nam is well-known for its stunning scenery, charming rivers, and pristine nature.
July 07, 2023 | 07:30

The lotus pond is located in Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam . This place is about 25km from Hoi An and 60km from Da Nang, along the route to the My Son temple complex. Tra Ly–Dong Lon is a few and desolate commune, with quite a few inhabitants, but there are many interesting things that people know about.

Photo: Baodanang
Photo: Baodanang

Unlike other lotus ponds in Vietnam, this destination still its nature wilderness and unspoiled nature. Therefore, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the lotus blooming brightly on the field. This is considered the largest lotus field currently in Quang Nam.

The blooming season will last from May to August, creating wonderful and colorful scenery that attracts according to a lot of young travelers coming here to take beautiful check-in photos.

Photo: Visit Quang Nam
Photo: Visit Quang Nam

The Tra Ly lotus flower field is 35 ha wide in the Phu Loc regulating lake, surrounded by a protective forest system. This area used to be a wet paddy field, and it was then renovated by locals to grow flowers.

Tourists arriving at this place wished to capture the most gorgeous moments of the lotus flowers blossoming, painting the whole area in a shade of lovely pink color. They are also advised to keep the environment clean and put their trash into the trash bins. Do not touch or pick the flowers without the permission of the owners.

Photo: Visit Quang Nam
Photo: Visit Quang Nam

Visitors can buy bouquets of lotus flowers, fresh lotus seeds, and dried lotus seeds as gifts for their friends and families. According to local residents, the best time in which to savor the scenic views of lotus flowers is early in the morning between 5 am and 6 am.

Tra Ly-Dong Ly lotus flower fields are a popular tourist destination among visitors wishing to immerse themselves in nature and pure air. Visitors can take a tour of the eco-tourism site Duy Son Mekong plant, or visit Hon Chong mountain which is nearby.

Photo: Visit Quang Nam
Photo: Visit Quang Nam

Leaders of the Duy Son Commune People's Committee, Duy Xuyen district said that farmers earn about VND 70-100 million/ha on average, mainly from selling fresh seeds lotus. Lotus becomes the main ingredient for Duy Son commune's OCOP products, which are dried lotus, and cereal flour, and will soon have more lotus heart tea.

This destination attracts both young, aspiring, and experienced photographers taking the most unique photoshoots of the lotus. When the cicadas chirp and the sun spread across the countryside, it is also the time to signal a blooming lotus season. The pink color of lotus petals, yellow pistil, green calyx with majestic mountains in the background, and the golden sunshine is the endless inspiration of nature-loving photographers, writers, and poets.

Photo: Visit Quang Nam
Photo: Visit Quang Nam

Located on the road connecting the world cultural heritage Hoi An and the area to My Son tower, Tra Ly - Dong Lon lotus field is an attractive tourist destination. Coming here, visitors can also visit other destinations such as the Duy Son hydroelectric eco-tourism site, the relic of Hon Tau – Quang Da Party Committee, admire the scenery of Hon Chong Mountain, and Phu Loc reservoir near the lotus pond.

Nothing is more perfect than being able to immerse in the poetic and romantic natural scenery when coming here on a summer holiday.

Quang Nam is located in the middle of Central Vietnam and is surrounded by Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Ngai, and Kon Tum provinces. The Truong Son Mountains, Laos, and the East Sea also border the province. Experiencing the ups and downs over the years, Quang Nam still preserves the unique historical and cultural remains of the past along with rich human values. Some of the typical cultural sites include Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holy Land, Tra Kieu Old Champa Capital, Cham Towers in Khuong My and Chien Dan, which record the remains of Sa Huynh, Champa, and the Dai Viet civilization.

During many wars, Quang Nam was one of the cradles of the revolutionary movement. Bo Bo, Nui Chua, Vinh Trinh, Cho Duc, Chu Lai, and underground tunnels of Ky Anh, the Ho Chi Minh Trail have gone down in history as the destinations for tourists to stop and visit the former battlefields. The province possesses 120km of coastline stretching from Dien Ngoc to Dung Quat with many beautiful, clean, and deserted beaches. The beaches of Dien Duong, Cua Dai, Binh Minh, Tam Thanh, Ky Ha, and Bai Rang together with the lake of Phu Ninh, the rivers of the Thu Bon and Truong Giang and the island of Cham are ideal tourist attractions.

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