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World’s most advanced robotic surgery system performed in Vietnam

September 04, 2019 | 15:01

The da Vinci Surgical System, which is currently among the world’s most advanced robotic surgery system, has been applied in K Hospital. 

World’s most advanced robotic surgery system performed in Vietnam

A surgery assisted by da Vinci System is performed in K hospital

K Hospital is the first in Vietnam to use this system.

Robotic surgery systems offer precise, accurate, and easily replicated results that can greatly assist surgeons and improve patient outcomes.

The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform various minimally invasive procedures with clinically supported precision and accuracy. The system applies to a wide array of operations, including minimally invasive cardiac, colorectal, gynecology, head and neck, thoracic, urology, and general surgeries. The surgeon operates via the Surgeon Console that controls the Patient Cart’s robotic devices, including various surgical instruments and a camera.

Over 1,700 da Vinci Systems are currently installed in hospitals internationally, and more than 775,000 patients have received procedures from this robotic surgical system.