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23-year-old Vancouverite opens Vietnamese food truck

June 21, 2019 | 11:17

Thach grew up helping out at his parents' Vietnamese restaurant in the '90s.

23-year-old Vancouverite opens Vietnamese food truck

Boss Kevin Thach on his NaMi truck

Kevin Thach is only 23, and yet last month he launched his first Vietnamese food truck in downtown Vancouver.

Thach's parents immigrated from Vietnam and opened their own restaurant Pho Thai Hoa on Kingsway in the '90s, he said.

That classic Vietnamese food he grew up with inspired him to think big and start his own business.

Thach's childhood was spent in the kitchen, where it was all hands on deck.

"I always grew up doing these foods: salad rolls, spring rolls, and bánh mì ... quintessential examples of Vietnamese food," he told Gloria Mackarenko, host of CBC's On the Coast.

Thach said there was some initial hesitation to pursue this dream. He wanted to be absolutely sure this was the best path for him.

He took a corporate gig, but that didn't last long. Spending the rest of his life in an office wasn't something he wanted to do.

23-year-old Vancouverite opens Vietnamese food truck

Vietnamese food sold at Nami

Vietnamese food with a twist

Although he's new to the food truck game, he says he's already earning a reputation for his bánh mì options.

His personal favourites include the grilled lemongrass chicken sandwich, the grilled sauteed beef sandwich, a meatball sub, and the tofu and bean curd vegan option sub.

Another menu item is the breakfast bánh mì, which includes two fried eggs and cured pork belly that is then fried.

Thach plans to open a second food truck sometime in August.